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    OEM PIAA Fog/driving Light Aluminum Protectors $35

    I bought these a couple years ago when I fancied myself an off-road legend. Alas, It is a highway touring baby, and I am even a bigger baby, so I have not taken the time to install these nice European protectors. I paid 50 Euros to get them to me, which felt like several thousand Canadian...
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    $60.00 2XL Icon Hooligan Jacket

    (Pulled off Ebay since I was getting weird phishing scams.) Silver and black Icon Mesh/breathable Hooligan Jacket/Jersey. Meant to fit and look sort of MX like I think. You can zip off the bottom sleeves to make it a 3/4 for some reason, I never did, but the zippers do work, I tested them. Very...
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    2012 gently used 1200 Super Tenere. SOLD

    What are you riding now Salty?
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    Duffel/Dry bag vs. top case

    I have a few, from Cheapola kayak bags to a Gigi, and a First Gear (40L? Can’t recall) like this: First Gear DryBag
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    Sold - Gen 2 Adjustable Riser System by RRR Tools

    Sorry apparently my phone skills are not so good
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    Sold - Gen 2 Adjustable Riser System by RRR Tools

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    Sargent seats for Super Tenere $350

    Looks nice. Heated? same height as the stock?
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    New Luggage Rack

    I totally missed this thread, great work. The first thing I did was dump the stock rack on my 15, if this was around then I would have been all over it.
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    OEM Luggage - Snowmobile hood strap mod

    I have not used the cases this year, until now, and had someone wanting to see the hillbilly modification to keep my damn OEM lids more secure and the weight off the lock. There are lots out there, I ordered 3 sets and I think these are the most workable. There are many sizes and shapes, boats...
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    Helmet Opinions.

    Fit is very important, I have found. Are you a round, long oval or intermediate oval? If you like LS2, then I assume you are more oval than round. Arai are fairly quiet and fit nice and snug, but are $$$.
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    Wings or wind deflectors??

    I got them and like them.
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    So I keep hearing this jingle/rattle sound....

    Gremlin bell, that is hilarious!
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    Has anyone ever tried a givi xs320 tank bag on a tenere?

    I have had 2 tank lock bags on. My latest is a XS305. It is big but I stuff soft things and valuables in it, and have a long strap to carry it like a gym bag when I am seeing attractions, or going in the restaurant.