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    Back to Back Dyno runs, 2nd gen before and after Anthony's tune?

    50? I thought you gained “ten man”?!
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Unless you snowmobile as well!!!! Then there is no crap time of year. I remember as a young adult my sled was worth more than my car. Those were the college/university days when I was able to drive my sled to school on really snowy days. Now that is truly Canadian!!!
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    Back to Back Dyno runs, 2nd gen before and after Anthony's tune?

    The tuner I took mine too adjust the initial throttle from 1.0 to 0.1 in S mode and it fixed what you are describing. Still sporty but that initial throttle position change takes that snappy initial throttle response away.
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    2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT

    Betcha she’s a looker without the baggage and a fender eliminator. :p
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    Hello from San Antonio, TX :)

    Howdy and welcome aboard!:cool:
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    2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT

    Agree....although if used offroad it will make deep water crossing interesting and will be prone to damage.
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    2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT

    Anyone else take note of the exhaust? More specifically the muffler.
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    Motorcycle Ergonomics

    Tool to visualize the ergonomics of a motorcycle model based on your height and inseam. Sample Website link
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    Hey from Victoria BC

    Welcome from Ontario Canada;)
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    2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT

    Contrary to popular belief, no everyone prefers a shaft drive. Other that ease or lack of maintenance, what are the benefits? It is heavier, adds more to initial cost of bike, impossible to repair in the field, expensive to repair if fails, driveshaft lag, not most efficient to transfer power...
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    5 factors affecting daily mileage

    Longest day I put in was 1050km or 650mi. Mostly highway on my way back from east coast. I was on a 2016 Yamaha FZ1 Picture camping at Fundy and two others while travelling the Cabot trail. Muddy day.
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Nope. :confused:
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    After losing a spoke from the rear wheel and scratching the swingarm to rat shit I limped the bike home and re-checked all. I just checked them a few weeks ago and now had to order a spoke kit ($150 cdn) to replace one. Not a happy camper right now. :mad: Where is the Macallans?!:cool:
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    2021 Ducati Multistrada V4

    Not too many bikes out there that get me excited but the updates posted for this one has lit a bit of a fire in me. Couple articles below.
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    New Member in East Texas

    Welcome. I can totally relate to the rotator cuff issue. We are both still riding. ;) Giddy up!!!!