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    2020 XT1200ZE 5800 miles with full luggage and other extras for sale in the UK

    XT1200ZE Super Ténéré with electronic suspension, cruise control, integrated heated grips, full GIvI hard luggage and much more. Owned since new (Feb 2021) with just 5750 miles. Balance of Yamaha warranty and breakdown cover. Sadly and regrettably selling due to a long-standing back problem...
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    SOLD: TRANGIA 27-2ul stove and kettle £50 posted to uk address

    Glad I'm not alone. Quite enjoy a good B&B!
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    Show Us Your Tank Bag

    The Givi is a quality item
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    Rainy Days and Mondays

    Well you would be welcome to come across the pond, we have no shortage of rain here! For me it comes down to the riding kit and making sure it can deal with the weather here. We have a lot of poorly surfaced roads as well! I got caught in snow in February 2020, in France on my previous bike. I...
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    Show Us Your Tank Bag

    Givi EA118 tanklock expandable
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    Trade up or expand the fleet?

    I don't think the age and mileage is anything to worry about in itself, but if you have the £$ then why not treat yourself and go for a newer one . Test ride a few other bikes before making your mind up?
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    UK Super Owner

    Welcome. Did you pick up the bike okay?
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Sounds like an excellent trip with an interesting history with that old road. Ride safe, but don't forget your seat.
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    One for all or all for one

    I used to enjoy riding in groups or with just one friend, but now ride on my own as: - A) I like to ride at a pace that suits my mood on the given day B) I like exploring, I enjoy deviating from a planned route when a road or place looks interesting C) The people I rode with, despite being nice...
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    Dunlop trail max Mission

    Ha, very true.
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    Dunlop trail max Mission

    Jeez your bike looks stunning
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    Shame on the trolls!

    Agree with everything you have said. Those players did brilliantly during the tournament and the abuse is shocking. Actually it makes me embarrassed. As if smashing up London wasn't bad enough!
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    New member in UK

    Where are you having your bike serviced? Flitwick Motorcycles did my first service and I intend to go back there.
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Rode out to see this memorial to the brave heroes who served at RAF Knettishall, and to say 'thank you'
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    Givi Trekker Outback side cases

    I was looking to buy these racks. Doesn't the Raid Edition use these ?