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    I had two failures also in a short period of time, I think the “improved” ones have different temperature (color). I’m done with cyclops....
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    That’s funny!
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    I second that as far as bar bend, replaced with Pro Taper “raptor” higher rise (better for standing control) Less sweep (pain between shoulder blades gone)
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    Weapons - What you have (NOT a political discussion)

    Lockheed & Kawasaki produced Japan navy sub hunter plane also.
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    343 Miles of Colorado Mountains

    Phantom canyon is a great mellow ride, watch out for cars around blind turns, there is free camping spots there, you should do shelf road also.No need for hardcore tire, you be fine with Metzlers
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    Engine / model question real quick ?!?! Broken engine !

    Nice!! You should tell the customer,it might be good idea to instal Graves manual tensioner.
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    Why we can't stand shopping at Walmart!!

    To me it’s all about “Walmart people” watching;)
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    343 Miles of Colorado Mountains

    Try Red Feather lakes area
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    New member

    Welcome from Colorado USA!
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    Blew another fork seal-should I upgrade?

    I might be wrong but I think it came as a kit (oil & dust). Google skf fork seal kit super tenere, it will give some options.. the “g” in the part # stands for green color since they sell black also. Hope this helps.
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    Anyone any idea where this pipe has come from?

    Engine breather hose? Check the top of the valve cover
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    Hi Guys !!

    Welcome from Colorado Criss!
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    Most comfortable seat??

    Love mine, got rid of the slope. It’s a little higher than stock, let the foam break in a little, gets nice after few rides.