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    What happened to Noraly?

    Noraly is quite hardcore, I am a fan of hers for sure....
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    Custom seats and pads

    I can highly recommend a Skwoosh gel pad. The pad fits perfectly, performs excellently regarding comfort and it is very well made: Here is the link to the one I bought/use:
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    Battery problems

    An excellent alternative and quite similar to the Optimate, the NOCO Genius2 maintains and has a desulfate function as well:
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    Adios to a Wonderful S10 and Hello a Xmax

    Perhaps you were thinking of the Honda ADV150:
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    crash mushrooms?
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    SOLD - Brand New Altrider Crashbars for Yamaha Super Tenere 1200.

    Looks like that pic is a grab from ALTRider's website.
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    OEM Air Filter Replacement Anomaly

    Were the seals visually identified easily or were they deeply embedded so that you had to kind of probe them to confirm?
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    OEM Air Filter Replacement Anomaly

    Looks like the reason rubber tubing/seal is being used is because the air filter is a custom piece that is attached to a metal backing plate and on that metal backing plate there are no ribs to allow it to "sit" securely in the grooves of the upper and lower halves of the air box.
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    Garmin Zumo XT on sale!

    Just a quick heads-up for anyone looking to replace or upgrade your current GPS. The Garmin Zumo XT now has a widespread temporary sale price of $399.99 from most of the top online sellers as well as Garmin's own website.
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    OEM Air Filter Replacement Anomaly

    Thanks Rob. The mystery continues.... :cool:
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    OEM Air Filter Replacement Anomaly

    That is exactly what I thought and it was my bad that I did not test fit the rubber gaskets to see how they affected the way the OEM air filter sits in the air box. I just thought that by adding them it would prevent a flush fit and possibly allow crap to sneak past the air filter.
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    OEM Air Filter Replacement Anomaly

    Thanks for that clarification, I was just now questioning my memory a bit.... o_O
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    OEM Air Filter Replacement Anomaly

    I did not take pics. There was nothing in the flanges of the upper and the lowers. The OEM air filter has a raised ridge on the top and bottom that fits into the upper and lower halves flanges which allows it to sit fit flush in the air box.
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    OEM Air Filter Replacement Anomaly

    Yesterday with some help from a friend I finally got around to replacing the air filter on my '13 S10. I bought the bike used in '18 with a smidge under 7K miles on the clock. It now has 16K+. I am pretty sure the P/O never replaced the air filter. I ordered the OEM air filter from my go-to...