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    STFlyer's Introduction - DFW (PICS!!)

    Greetings from Justin, TX. Great intro!
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    Voltmeter + Dual USB port

    Pretty clever. Would be a good option if I didn't already have a volt meter on the dash.
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    2018 Super Tenere FALL Rally East TN, October 4-8th

    Had a great time! Thanks to Patrick for pulling this together. Extra thanks to Jack and Lori for the excellent accommodations. I'm sure everyone came across hunters up on the trails. Well, at least one hunter was successful in bagging a bear. Nothing like zipping around a corner and...
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    Just me getting older?

    For those considering an after market seat, my two cents is to go with Russell. Mine was one of the first Day Longs they did for a Tenere and I love it. I've got 80+K miles on this seat and it still feels great. Russell offers a money back guarantee, but you have to give them 2 chances to...
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    New to me Super Tenere owner from Minnesota

    Greetings from Texas. Blue is the fastest color.
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    Hello from Calgary

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    Long trip - what parts to take?

    I hope you don't literally mean you will be spooning on Heidenau K-60's. Those are some stiff a$$ tires. They are no fun to mount even with a No-Mar.
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    Skid Plate Questions

    I can personally testify that the rideonadv skid plate is one heck of a vault for your motor. My Tenere has bashed baby heads in CO and bounced off rocks in AR, and the motor came through all without a scratch. I used to run AltRider. Once it gets sprung from a few dings, it is tough to...
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    WTB - Rear Shock - Shock has been found

    Well, a shock has been bought and will begin winding it's way to me tomorrow. Thanks to all for your suggestions and offers. One more reason to love this place. Hope to meet a few of you in TN next month.
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    WTB - Rear Shock - Shock has been found

    Sounds promising. What you want for it? Depending on where you are in central TX, I could ride down and pick it up saving you the hassle of shipping it. How many miles are low miles? Heavy duty spring is fine.
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    WTB - Rear Shock - Shock has been found

    Thanks. I looked at that. At $125 + parts + fluid + shipping, not sure I'd save much versus new.
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    How old are you Super Ten rider?

    52 years young. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you geezers at the rally next month.
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    Parting out a Gen 1 tenere all parts available

    That makes sense. Thanks.
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    Parting out a Gen 1 tenere all parts available

    make me an offer Thanks for the pic. Is that the stock spring? My stocker is bright yellow.
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