Tucson AZ


2016 ST, Non-ES, Power Commander PCFC, Terry's Custom Seats, Rox 2" Risers w/ OEM lines, Aux: ADVMonster 44W LEDS and Dimmer, HL: NightEye H7 50W LEDs, Eastern Beaver CS3, Givi TN355 crash bars, Skene Designs Photon Blaster LEDs, Knight Design Wide Hunter lowering pegs, Denali SoundBlaster w/ Twisted Throttle horn mount, SW Motech Evo Side Racks, Saddleman X-Jumbo Cruiser Soft Bags, Hepco Becker Rear Rack, Hepco Becker Junior 45 Rear Top Case, MRA X-creen Tour, OEM reg. shield and bracket, OEM side wind deflectors, RideOn Tire additive, 0.55 in. LED eBay Voltmeter, Battery tender. Hit-Air Airbag Vest, Motoport 3/4 Length 3 Layer Jacket with Quad Armor Upgrade, EVS G6 Mesh Armor (summer), Revit 2 Layer Mesh Pants, A* Corozal Boots, Shoei Hornet X2, Garmin Zumo 550 GPS.


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