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    New Raid coming 1st May UK

    Welcome from Kansas. I also almost pulled the pin on the VFR. I think the S10 fits me better. I think that they are both great bikes for reliability. Enjoy the adventure.
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    2012 Blue Tenere Checking in

    Welcome from Kansas. Hope you get your trip in sometime.
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    Greetings from the Green Mountain State

    Welcome from Kansas. I also had an 81 Seca 750 black. Sold it for my fz1 still have that. Sometimes wish I had kept the Seca. Yamaha makes some really great bikes. Been happy with all of them. Lots of trouble free miles
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    New member

    Welcome from Kansas. Enjoy the adventure
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    New member

    Welcome from Kansas. Nice your always in line for another bike
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    Tenere- the unscratched itch

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    New member

    Welcome from Kansas. I've always been a fan of the Ducati. I think you will find that you can't top the reliability of the Yamaha. Enjoy the adventure
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    Over 60 newbie

    Welcome from Kansas. You did a nice job on restoring the old girl. Been to Longmont a few times. Had an aunt and uncle lived there. He always said that winter there was much milder than are Kansas winter.
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    Hi from Quebec

    Welcome from Kansas. Enjoy the adventure. Check your spokes
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    Hellow from PNW!

    Welcome from Kansas. Keep them both. I still have my fz1. I can now be a holy terror on asphalt or gravel.
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    Wow bike handles way better after weight loss

    OMG what do carry in your tank bag? I can tell a difference with a tank of gas but not the tank bag
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    Welcome from Kansas. Training can help even a experienced rider.
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    Hi from the Solent

    Welcome from Kansas. When the weather breaks enjoy the adventure.
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    Hello from Lancashire, UK.

    Welcome from Kansas