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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    No modifications needed, fits in the same hole as the original. ~G
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Installed Barkbusters with Storm plastics yesterday. Next on the list...oil/filter change and a new set of 'tars! ~G
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    Replacing clutch lever

    FJR and Tenere levers use the same perches so you're OK there. Make sure the clutch master cylinder push rod goes into the brass bushing hole properly. You're doing it blind and it's a bitch so you'll need to guide it in as best you can. I've found it's best to slightly angle the bushing hole...
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    New 2020 XT1200ZE

    Welcome from Washington state and congrats on the new '20! ~G
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    Tool list...

    Whatever you do, get a quality set of JIS screwdrivers. My choice: Vessel ~G
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    Howdy from AZ!

    Welcome from metro Seattle and congrats on the new (to you) Tenere! ~G
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    From South Dakota …..

    Welcome from metro Seattle! ~G
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    New style of panniers from Happy trails

    Good looking boxes (and bike), thanks for the pics! ~G
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    Super Tenere, 2014, cruise control fixed?

    @sblissner - On the recall notice there's a paragraph that states if you have had this repair performed before receiving recall notice you may be entitled to Yamaha Customer Relations, 800-962-7926. At least it's worth a try! I replaced the switch on my FJR a couple...
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    Hello from Long Island NY

    Welcome from metro Seattle and congrats on the new (to you) '17! ~G
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    Safety recall notice received - Front brake switch

    Received recall(s) today for Tenere and FJR switches. Both were in the same envelope too. A year or so ago I replaced the FJR switch but it looks like that replacement was prior to the new PN revision. Damn. Not a quick job on the FJR. The pigtail is 36" long with the connector buried in the LH...
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    How many miles did you ride your Tenere in the Pandemic 2020 year?

    Lots of miles...I'd say the bike doesn't owe you anything! ~G
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    New to me 2015 in NOVA

    Welcome from metro Seattle! ~G
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    New Super 10 Birmingham AL

    Welcome from metro Seattle and congrats on the new (to you) Tenere! ~G
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    Hi from a Super Ten wannabe owner

    Welcome from metro Seattle! Go with a GEN II non-ES, add aftermarket suspension and you'll have a great machine. Good luck with your Tenere search. Lots of bikes out there and don't overlook a fly-n-ride too. Great way to get to know the machine. Happy hunting! ~G