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    2016 Super Tenere non-ES $7800. SOLD SOLD

    Jdomperez, Someone is supposed to get this tomorrow pending weather. If things change I will let you know, and will update posting if it gets officially sold. Dave
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    2016 Super Tenere non-ES $7800. SOLD SOLD

    Thank you, Sir.
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    2016 Super Tenere non-ES $7800. SOLD SOLD

    I have more pictures if you want to email at Having trouble posting them here. Also forgot to mention, YES warranty until June 2021. Also new battery in October. I went with the 14.
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    2016 Super Tenere non-ES $7800. SOLD SOLD

    Thank you, it was upright on my end but somewhere in internet land, it got turn on its side. Thanks again.
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    2016 Super Tenere non-ES $7800. SOLD SOLD

    Price lowered.....
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    2016 Super Tenere non-ES $7800. SOLD SOLD

    Thank you, my bad.....yes non ES. And no not willing to part it out. Located in Northbridge MA. I will fix posting.
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    2016 Super Tenere non-ES $7800. SOLD SOLD

    Sold 2016 non-ES with 33,286 miles. Still riding when weather cooperates. Great bike, just going in another direction and thinning out the garage. $7800.00 Jesse Odyssey 10" panniers with over 90 L of storage, installed without the passenger rails, allowing a 2" savings in width. They are...
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    Hammocks and the Tenere

    Can't comment on the hammock as I have never used one...but the Kermit chair, I love it!!
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    How old are you Super Ten rider?

    59 and my knees love the ST more than my FJR. I ride the ST more due to that but I won't lie, I like the get up and go of the FJR. Both great bikes....
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    Aux. light plug question

    Thanks guys. So I gather it is okay to use the brown wire???
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    Aux. light plug question

    Hi, I've searched and just can't find the particular answer. I am adding LED auxiliary lights to my 2016. I have the Eastern Beaver plug for the 3 wire connection. I understand Black is G, Red and White is 12v always on and Brown is 12v with ignition. My question is my lights just have power...
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    Seat Discussion

    Does anyone have a Meyer, Laam or RDL they want to get rid of?????? Asking for friend. :)
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    Twin headlight warning

    Speaking of bulbs....does anyone replace those little lights above the headlights? If so, is it a PIA?
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    SOLD - Joe Rocket Magnetic Tank Bag

    pm sent
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    Thoughts on fuse blocks

    I've used the PDM60 without issue on my FJR. Expensive but it works. Just my .02.