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    Rear radar

    40 some-odd years of using mirrors, jeez, what was I thinking?
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    Kaoko throttle lock

    I'd have to go to the Kaoko web site and look around.
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    High front guard to suit the 21" wheel on the WASPmobile..
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Causing at least one entire chain to leave the city. Some neighborhoods are in deep chit with no kind of food or med service.
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    High front guard to suit the 21" wheel on the WASPmobile..

    Two threaded holes below and behind the headlamp, they're the same holes used for mounting a light bar up front. There's a vendor over on the TenereUSA facebook site making and selling a front fender lift and longer crossover line. Hmm, Ladlesport is here as well.
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    I can't believe that I'm doing this.

    I've got a Bushtec. I wanted a full size cot and a large tent for my last trip. Took a mileage hit, but the camp site was luxurious.
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    What a beauty. Only ever seen one, probably the only one here. It got into the States by some miracle of paperwork slight of hand.
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    into post

    That Steve guy, gotta watch him.
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    Hey hey.
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    The anything thread.

    And what's a Porsche doing in a place where a spike can be picked up? We have one of those on display in our showroom, it's in a Union Pacific railroad service truck tire though. Got one with a pair of pliers stuck through it too. Had one holed by a dime turned on edge the other day.
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    My ST has a rattle sound

    41,000 miles is too soon for needing a chain. Sounds like the tensioner didn't get tight enough, that's too much noise. It made the noise before the tensioner was replaced? The same noise? How's power? Any loss of power I might suspect jumped timing. That's more chatter than my '12 gave me on...
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    New member in Utah

    Mmmm, UT Hwy 12, heaven on earth. Welcome.
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    Pressure test a caliper

    Are the pads making contact with the rotors? Jlq has it I think. I've tied the levers to the bars for both the clutch and the brake and left them set over night and it has cleared that last bit of air.
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    The anything thread.

    Dying toothless dad/cousin/brother's final mumbled words wasn't family mules, family jewels more like.
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    Kaoko throttle lock

    I've had one on my bike for close to a decade now, this should have sold by now.