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    Hi I'm Santi from spain.

    Welcome from Wisconsin Santa !
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    Animal Rescue

    Suzuki mirrors look better than Yamaha Tenere mirrors
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    My last three sets of tires

    quite a few Dakar’s on eBay right now , that’s where I bought a set for our last Alaska trip back in 2018
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    Dashboard button busted

    The liquid tape method is probably what I would try. The trip reset button on mine often doesn’t work worth crap, often have to press it about 10 times in order to get it to work, sometimes it works fine.
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    Sporadic Start Failure ( NOT "hard-start" issue....)

    I don’t really think the starter needs to crank much faster it just needs to crank stronger so it doesn’t sound like the perfectly good battery is half dead. My Goldwing has 573,000 miles on the original starter and it has never sounded like the battery was half dead. Every Tenere I’ve ever...
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    Sporadic Start Failure ( NOT "hard-start" issue....)

    I must be the only one that believes the main issue is the starter simply is not powerful enough for this engine, sure it works fine most of the time but if it actually came from the factory with a more powerful starter we wouldn’t be having this conversation.
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    Hello from Colombia

    Welcome aboard ! The picture looks like you carry a lot of extra gasoline .
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    WTB stock seat

    There are a couple of OEM Tenere seats on eBay right now
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    WTB stock seat

    Very first post says Kybourbon is located in Kentucky
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    2022 Tenere Rally

    I’ve ridden to Alaska three different times and even though most folks say it’s difficult finding motels we never had much trouble getting a room when we wanted one. For this rally I would recommend booking a room in Whitehorse well in advance
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    Sold - Stock Seat

    Sorry for not responding sooner but I was gone all day, just sent the paypal payment a few minutes ago.
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    New member from Texas

    Welcome ! seems to be quite a few members from Texas lately
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    Sold - Stock Seat

    I will take it, do you have Paypal ?
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    Replacing/Cleaning the S10 "Tea Bag" fuel filter to restore mileage & power + Guglatech Filter.

    So did it run any better after changing the fuel filter ? to me the filter really doesn’t look dirty enough to cause running problems
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    Replacing/Cleaning the S10 "Tea Bag" fuel filter to restore mileage & power + Guglatech Filter.

    Any idea how so much crap is getting into your fuel tank ?