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    Raised Fender and High Mount Fender opinions

    I like the idea and look forward to seeing some decent pictures, have not voted because there is no choice that fits.
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    Garmin XT heads up

    So yesterday I left home at 3pm in the rain and 45 degrees, at 1am I arrived in Kansas City and checked into a motel, a nice long hot shower warmed me up. I had updated the Zumo XT about a month ago and after the update that little red indicator that always points north had disappeared, I had...
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    Garmin XT heads up

    Wonder what would happen if Google started selling GPS
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    Garmin XT heads up

    One thing I find really annoying with every GPS is the way so many roads that normally show up on the screen just fine disappear after You install a route to follow
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    Sometimes it is better to be at work than to be riding

    So how did beeping the horn manage to fix the control issue ?
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    The anything thread.

    Those horse and buggy’s are around here as well and crazy dangerous
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    Garmin XT heads up

    Have 13,000+ miles on my Zumo XT using the factory mounting system without any problems, the mount doesn’t seem as sturdy as the Zumo 595 mounting system but neither one has caused me any problems.
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    Dashboard small screen blank

    Could you show us a picture of your bad screen ? What year is your Tenere ?
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    Headlights out, fuse ok?

    My previous 2013 went through a lot of headlight bulbs with none of them ever making 10,000 miles. So far with a little over 20,000 miles on the 2018 I’m still using the original headlight bulbs.
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    Headlights out, fuse ok?

    It’s definitely not a useless post !
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    Oil drain gasket

    I have never changed that oil gasket-washer on a Tenere. However at about 160,000 miles that washer on my Goldwing developed a small crack so I replaced it.
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    Raised Fender and High Mount Fender opinions

    Another picture from a little farther away would be nice
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    Raised Fender and High Mount Fender opinions

    So far thankfully I have never needed a raised fender and I did ride my 2013 Tenere all the way to Prudehoe Bay in the rain. But yes I have seen plenty of pictures showing front fenders so packed with mud that the front wheel stopped turning.
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    BUMOT panniers ordered !

    Bumot makes some very nice stuff
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    Another motorcycle, another new member...

    Wanted a yellow Tenere but unfortunately couldn’t get one , not something I’ve ever done before but if I had one I’d probably find someone to paint the front fender to match . I’ve always figured with a decent paint job Yamaha could have sold a lot more Tenere’s.