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    First Gear Dry Pak 25L Waterpoof bag

    PM sent...
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    Hello ST Folks

    BLdub, Headed home to the Bay Area tmr early AM after I take my niece to school on the bike. Kids and bikes? Nothing better! I will reach out when I head back to where Nevada means Home. Until then, enjoy your awesome ride and try not to work so hard ;)
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    From a VS to a ST!

    Welcome! My Super10 is new to me as well, loving it more with every ride. I'm sure you'll find the same!
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Knocked off work 2 hours early, decided to go for a wander, finally got my Super10 out of the city. Buckets of fun for 400 miles, surprised the hell out of me how easily it drops into corners. Can't wait to dump these street tires and go explore those fire trails with something knobby!
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    Hello from new member

    Welcome Occlusion1! Jealous of the miles you’re putting down, but it’s easy on such a great bike. Welcome and congrats!
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Tonight when the POTUS debate got predictable I mounted my (cheap as chips, nicely built, thanks Matt) Nav bar stabilizers. Yesterday I painted them with JP Fast Black Wrinkle, which looks perhaps a bit weird at first but I like that it reflects no light. Now that they are installed, they...
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    Hello from San Jose, CA

    Sounds good man, I’ll PM ya, I work at a MC shop so you can come by, sit on my (luvluvluvit) Super10, a KTM 1290 (waHOOOO VTwin) and a GSA (PhD required). See it any of them speak to ya :)
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    I'm in. From the desert Southwest USA

    I lived in the 602 for years, riding the Mokee Dugway and other dirt roads on bikes NOT meant for it is part of what drove me to buy my Super10. Jealous, I gotta get back there, see if the backside of Mt. Lemon is as bad as they say. Welcome, it’s a fantastic bike and luvluvluv the yellow and black!
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    SOLD: Heated Corbin Seat for Sale

    This rider came OEM equipped with that. Just trying to match seat with ass ;)
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    SOLD: Heated Corbin Seat for Sale

    Seat has been installed :)
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    Welcome Trev!
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    Quick Intro

    Look! A squirrel! Hold it my my phone needs attention...
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    Quick Intro

    Welcome from NorCal!
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    Noob to ADV

    Thanks Don, I had not thought of that!
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    Noob to ADV

    280 miles today, just wandering. The Bus, as she has been named, ate up some goat trails like they were runway smooth tarmac. Same roads on my ST1300 beat hell out of me. Love the brake feel when trail braking. Love the ABS (pavement only today) that lets me know it’s there without being...