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    First big ride with new Tenere...

    Rox are risers only Helibars move your bars up and back closer to you
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    A big hello to all the Canadian Super T owners..

    SHUMBA Dave here in Fort Erie When you have your bike I'll come up to Stratford
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    ‘14 Ténéré ECU flash

    Kyle Have you tried 2 Wheel Dynoworks I believe they can flash our Canadian bikes
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    Need to change standard SHOCK

    BWC Could you tell me where you bought the shock?
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    Hi Tony I'll echo what the others have said.The S10 is the Swiss Army knife of bikes and I love mine. I did not test drive one but did lots of research on here. I have owned a XR1200 (damn plastic gas tank cover) and RD/RZ 350's but came from more modern FJR,FZ 09,FJ 09 models with throttle...
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    New Owner!! 2016 Super Tenere ES

    Congratulations ::012:: I know you were looking for awhile. Where did you get it from? Dave
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    Next A Super Tenere ???

    My name is Dave and my passion is motorcycles! I have been riding since 1967 (Honda 305 Super Hawk) and have always enjoyed sport/sport touring bikes. In the last couple of years i have had a FJR1300 ES, FZ-09 ,V-Strom650 and now a FJ-09 . However now I find myself looking at the S10...