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    tired of chit-chat?- post / view a picture only here.

    I had one like that, although I don't remember it being green...
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    Will you take the vaccine

    We have veered into political territory here, and the slope is extremely far, everyone has been civil (thank you for that), but has often been noted, opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one... While the President nominates candidates for the Court, they must be approved by...
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    Another "what plug is under my seat" question

    Those don’t sound like factory connections. I would suggest taking pics and posting them here as well to help with figuring them out.
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    Which GoPro or Camera Editing Program?

    The other nice thing about DaVinci is that it is cross platform. I'm primarily a Mac user, but did recently add an Alienware laptop that I use for streaming.
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    For the Gen 1 models her sin the US that did not include flash-to-pass and the hazard switch, there was an easy swap from a Kawasaki Versys that used the exact same housing. This was the route I took on my 2012. I went back to find the thread, and realized I did a decent write up here...
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    Which GoPro or Camera Editing Program?

    For simple, easy to use, you really can't beat iMovie. Since my needs tend to run more towards the professional side, I have been really happy with the free version of DaVinci Resolve. It started off as a program for adjusting color, and has added robust tools for both video and audio editing...
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    Jesse Luggage Systems

    There are posts immediately after the one you quoted indicating that was already gone 7 years ago. Also, Jesse Luggage hasn't posted since 2014 as well, so you may want to reach out to them directly, since it looks like their website is up and active:
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    FS: Touratech left side heel guard

    I have locked this thread, given that the OP is a new member and missed a few of the requirements for For Sale posts.
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    What do we now think of the bike

    Wait, what? My dad used to say it this way...I am the head of my household, and I have my wife's permission to say so
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    Black Hills Yamaha Super Tenere Rendezvous July 22nd - 25th, 2021 - Custer Crazy Horse Campground, Custer SD

    We actually have at least one floating around. Should be in the tech section...
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    Worn disks

    No, there isn't.
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    Have You Ever Been Mistaken for L.E.O.?

    It may have happened once or twice for me on the FJR while I lived in California, since the average layperson could not distinguish between a BMW (common CHP bike at the time) and my Yamaha. I don't recall it ever happening on the ST. It does also remind me of my favorite lane splitting...
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    where has ballisticechris gone

    One of the rules here is that the decision of the moderators is final. As far as Chris is concerned, he was warned on numerous occasions and he finally crossed a line where his contributions no longer outweighed his disruptions. Please know that we do not make these decisions lightly. We...
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    where has ballisticechris gone

    He is no longer a member of the forum.
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    Black Hills Yamaha Super Tenere Rendezvous July 22nd - 25th, 2021 - Custer Crazy Horse Campground, Custer SD

    Looking good everyone! I wish I could join you, and as it turns out, I am very close by, in Rapid City. However there are two obstacles: 1) I'm working and 2) I don't have a bike anymore...