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    Gen2 start question

    How old is your battery, and is it still the stock YTX12? I would balance the throttle bodies as mentioned by Checkswrecks and consider a battery change to the YTX14 (same case size, more CCA) if still on the original stocker...
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    Exit the Warrior

    If you haven’t yet, pick up his book Ghostrider, it’s all about how taking off on his bike helped him put his life back together.
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    Exit the Warrior

    Ghost rider has moved on:
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    2019 S10 Tank Decal....???

    If you ever have any issues with the forum operation, just reach out to myself or checkswrecks and we will get it sorted for you.
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    2019 S10 Tank Decal....???

    Moved to the Wanted section.
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    Kaoko cruise control gen1 bike.

    I had the Excel Throttle lock on my Gen 1, and it was very much appreciated on my longer rides, and not intrusive at all.
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    Motorcyclist adventure with Kevlar motorcycle shirts

    It wasn’t just the incorrect location, this post had the hallmarks of a spammer from the beginning. I let it go for as long as I did to see where it would wind up, and ultimately I did not see the OP as a legitimate member.
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    Motorcyclist adventure with Kevlar motorcycle shirts

    As a moderator, I do have the ability to check anyone's IP address for location...and something is rotten in Denmark (or Pakistan) here.
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    Members 22 guest 498

    Its not something I've ever looked at. I'm more concerned with dealing with any of the spammers that do manage to get through our current sign up protocols, which is thankfully few...
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    Honda X-adv 750 DCT

    If I could get it here in the US, it would be a great little commuter for those days when I want to leave the truck at home!
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    Motorcyclist adventure with Kevlar motorcycle shirts

    Hello lathem, I'm one of the moderators here on this forum. Do you work for the company, and are here to promote the product, or is this something available in your location that you wanted feedback on? We do strongly recommend adding your location to your profile to provide context to your...
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    Trade my 14 Ten for your ??

    Hey relic, I'd suggest posting a sale ad as well, with price and pics...
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    $21.95 S10 Service Manual download - legit?

    I contacted Yamaha today, and the ONLY legitimate Yamaha source for the online service manual is the Yamaha Pubs link in post #5, everything else is 3rd party. So with that in mind, I have removed the link in the first post, and any subsequent requests for an electronic version of the service...
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    $21.95 S10 Service Manual download - legit?

    Honestly, I'm not sure about this one. Everything we have seen available online in the past has been uploaded in violation of Yamaha's copyright on the manual, which is why we have removed these links in the past.
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    Drive Shaft - Questions

    Your pics are not showing up on my end ocgeek
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