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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    The best fast food chicken for me is Raising Cane's...I know they are opening up in SoCal. No nuggets, its all breast tenderloins...
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    Unbelievable! MotoGP SPOILER INSIDE!

    I added a little heads up to your thread title....this was the second time in two days I've had a sporting event I haven't finished watching yet be spoiled...
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    Random Rant Thread (no moto content)

    I would imagine that frozen poo would be far less stinky than viscous poo...I base this solely on having watched every episode of Dirty Jobs.
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    Crankcase cover 3 gasket

    The problem with trying to be humorous or sarcastic on the internet is that it hardly ever translates.
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    Romney Camp N Ride - Retired

    A whole host of factors at play, production in China slowed at the beginning of the year, stimulus checks spurring buying, and people with a lot of free time on their hands. Unfortunately, with a 30% contraction in the US economy this past quarter, I don't see a lot of spending as sustainable...
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    Sold My Super Tenere Today

    Still able to be done easily in Arizona, you can plate just about anything for street use there! Nevada has gone back and forth on this as well, currently allowing you to do so. I was at one time looking at plating a WR450, but once the T12 was announced, it was an easy decision, especially...
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    New Member need side car advice

    I made the decision to move these posts to a new thread, since the content had 0 relation to the topic it was posted in. Welcome aboard @wibmerjoska If you need any further help with the forum, please contact the moderating team (currently myself or Checkswrecks)
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    Motorcycle Posters, Artwork, Events...

    Nothing to see here, move along :)
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    Super Tenere - Model Year Changes

    Checking on it. Venture said he could set something up, but I'm not sure if he got it done yet.
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    Freezing of posts

    Moderating a forum certainly is not an easy task, and we really do try to do what we think is best for the overall health (usefulness) of the forum. That being said, these popped up in my Facebook feed this morning; I laughed, because it reminded me of what we moderators have to deal with here...
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    Life! (corona virus, non informative, non hysterical post)

    Nevada is headed for an economic disaster that will make the Great Depression look like a speed bump. As with everything, its a cascade failure in the making. We rely far too heavily on one industry (gaming); like many states our unemployment system is overwhelmed, understaffed, and has been...
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    Super Tenere - Model Year Changes

    I'll ping Venture and see what we have for options.
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    Super Tenere - Model Year Changes

    Got it, i think its part of the new time out implemented here.
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    Super Tenere - Model Year Changes

    I see the edit option on your original post, is it not in the lower left corner next to your location?
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    The anything thread.

    Reminds me of the one my dad I had when I turned 15! We took it out to El Mirage Dry Lake (outside of Hesperia) and he started teaching me how to drive in it... And when I was able to do so, I picked up this beauty: