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Hi stranger -

Welcome back!!!!

And congrats on the new bike. Does this mean we'll be hearing more from you?
Uh .... I don't even recognize this place anymore. How you boys doing ?? Been a while. I just bought a 2020 Yamaha Super Tenere 1200.
I'll see if I can find my way back here in a day or two. All I got for now. RR
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Just couldn't help yourself now could you? :) I don't blame you, and I'm glad to see you are still riding. I need to get back up there again.
Setting up a trip to off road in Utah
Ordered my Protaper EVO Adventure High bend handlebars today. Would like to know about your brake/clutch line offerings for this setup. Would like braided SS but no additional junctions/connections than what is already there. IOW, not an add-on extension but complete longer replacement lines. Might as well do the lower clutch hose as well. Let me know what you can do and how much. Shipping to 43050. Thanks!
Eric- I know you got tossed out of the Rumbux bidness. And sorry to hear you sold your S10. But- spent some time on my bike today, gotta tell you. I am damned impressed with these Rumbux bars. You had some good stuff to sell!
No tossing involved. Rumbux just stopped production. Can't sell what you can't buy. They are trying to find a buyer of the IP so maybe some day they will re-surface.
Took my son on a long ride today. Went fishing. Got a bit hairy on the muddy road. No fish today. But the Supa Fly Tenere was amazing off-road. TCS with a squirrely passenger is interesting.
I do have one that the finish on the metal is a little etched, needs sand for $40.00 shipped if interested.
They are $50.00 shipped.. But you already knew that.
Correct but that wasn't my question.
Sorry but no. It's $50.00 Free shipping. I would be paying you to take it for $25.00.
Hi Dusty,

What kind of LED are you using with the cap from deftoner?
I'd like to change the halogen bulbs to LED.

Hello everyone. New member. Originally from Ireland, deliberately American! It's been a while since I rode (raising a family etc) but am now looking to get back into it and do some traveling. Have been looking for that "perfect for me bike" and just love what I see and hear when it comes to the Super 10.
PROBLEM - hard to find a good used one at a fair price here in central Indiana. God bless you and the USA.