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Took my son on a long ride today. Went fishing. Got a bit hairy on the muddy road. No fish today. But the Supa Fly Tenere was amazing off-road. TCS with a squirrely passenger is interesting.
I do have one that the finish on the metal is a little etched, needs sand for $40.00 shipped if interested.
They are $50.00 shipped.. But you already knew that.
Correct but that wasn't my question.
Sorry but no. It's $50.00 Free shipping. I would be paying you to take it for $25.00.
Hi Dusty,

What kind of LED are you using with the cap from deftoner?
I'd like to change the halogen bulbs to LED.

Hello everyone. New member. Originally from Ireland, deliberately American! It's been a while since I rode (raising a family etc) but am now looking to get back into it and do some traveling. Have been looking for that "perfect for me bike" and just love what I see and hear when it comes to the Super 10.
PROBLEM - hard to find a good used one at a fair price here in central Indiana. God bless you and the USA.
Someone has said on the forum that you make them hooks for the Locking Mechanism on THE STANDARD YAMAHA PANNIERS, if so could I have 1 for each side, Please advise on cost and postage to United Kingdom, would be a great help, just cant buy anything like that in UK ,Regards Andy of Wales,UK.
Dr Ratbagg
Dr Ratbagg
I just returned from New Orleans and Mardi Gras holiday. I will be 3D printing more hooks next week. The cost is $30 each or $50 for two plus international shipping
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Greetings. retired FF in the Seattle area. Can't wait for the rain to stop. Going to Death Valley in May. Any advice / tips appreciated. Safe travels.
Hello Andy, this is Mike (mcrag). You sent me message about the 2015 Tenere ES I have for sale. I don't know why, but I was unable to reply to your message - it said "this message is closed for new replies". Anyway, let me know what questions you may have. Might be better if you just email at
I'd like to buy the boxes. Busted mine in WA last year. Shipping to 97040 - I have a FedEx and UPS number to use.
Let me know.

Hi Anthony, have a bone stock 2018 ST which needs flashing, Unrestricted 1st to 3rd gears and eliminate the twitchy throttle and hard engine braking . Email is Thanks
I's sleepy and reread your post stating the grips are yamaha. I have a few other questions about your bike. Have you redone the cam tensioner or reflash the ecm?
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This won't let me attach photo's. Can you email me at and I can send them to you.
For your top plate I can look and see if I still have my aluminum Givi top plate I had powder coated black. Hardware and instructions included. I can send you down some pics of it. Not out to make anything out of it. $20 plus shipping from up here which would probably be about $40.
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Yes please. If you have some photos would be interested. I assume that top plate would accept either top case size of 42 or 58 litre? (I think those are the sizes). The larger top case might be excessive no? I know it is personal preference just don’t want to go small and have buyer’s remorse. You have amazing cycling terrain up there! Jealous.
Damn, shipping costs suck.