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Hey Steve. what's new with you? bought a 2014 s10 for a second bike last October and having some fun with it. I was looking around on the forum and saw one of your remarks and knew that it was probably you. 8 years 200K miles.
I sent you a message Rus
Hi, I am interested in your S-10.
Please call or text when you have time.
Thanks, Gary 303-715-8435
Hey Mark, I been having fun building an RC track in our basement and wanted to share it with you. Bev filmed and I posted a video at the end of my blog post. I hope you are not too bored by it!! LOL
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Ken, that is pretty neat. I just recently bought a used R/C. My boys are into them.
Welcome to the forum. I live in Kennewick and have put a lot of miles on 2 STs (a 2012 and a 2015). Feel free to contact me at (509) 713-5325 if I can help with questions about maintenance or local rides.
Larry Thomas
Hey RaginTxn. Was reading your old post on lowering and where you mentioned pull back on your bars. I just bought a '15 S10 and I need the same. Lower seat by a bit (30" inseam) and bars back by 1-2". Did you solve the bars issue?
Your harmonizer. I would like to buy this from you for $250. If you agree, please reply with your Paypal address so I can send you the money ASAP as "friend".

Hi guys. I live and ride in South Africa. I have gained so much insight and many tips on fixing problems on my bike from this forum that I thought it was about tome to join. And maybe, share some of the success I’ve had with certain issues that the Super 10 encounters.
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Welcome aboard
You live in one of my favorite cities in the world. Great bike to be in SA.
New member from Seacoast New Hampshire, got lucky on a (barely) used ST and love it! Planning a Newfoundland trip for June 2022 and had been looking for an adventure bike. Enjoying getting to know the bike on rides around NH and Maine.
Previous GS owner/rider over many years but now realise the error of my ways an looking to buy a Super 10 in the UK. Based in North Wales. Will update when I've found my ride.
Retired (very recently) and live in Salida Colorado.
Have been riding the Super Tenere for 2 years after mostly converting from the Harley riding. Know the roads around here and am willing to show them to anyone adventurous enough when in this area. Completed the Continental Divide Trail(CDT) in 2019 and looking for adventures anywhere else.
Looking forward to some back and forth on stuff.
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I used to live in the 'Denver area and leased a stretch of the Arkansas just below Salida for a few years. Fished Browns canyon a lot in the 80's too. Great area and one I considered moving to before I moved to another State.
Just curious if you received my check/payment for the skid pan yet ?
Today, 7/17/2021, I just traded in my 2007 Yamaha Stratoliner for a beautiful blue Super Tenere! I have never ridden an adventure bike, so there will be a bit of a learning curve. There are a few mods I need to make. I am looking forward to riding her from Colorado to the Redwoods in September!