2014 Blue Super Tenere

Sep 10, 2013
New Jersey, Down east

I am offering my 2014 Blue ST for someone who will take care of her. She has 21,191 miles on her. Oil changes at 500m, 2500 miles, 5000 miles, 8000 miles, 14,200 miles, and needs an oil change since I got back from my 7600 mile trip. Amsoil Oil Only!!!!

Comes with the three Yamaha hard panniers. 2 yamaha bag liners. Top box and non exhaust side.

Foam grip covers

Bash plate/ Aluminum

SW Mototech crash bars

OEM side deflectors

OEM heated grips

OEM Cruise Control

Side accessory brackets from member here

Wunderlich brake pedal extender

2 Extra Oil Filters

Bags Connection Tank bag and rain cover.. Clear protective film on tank

My wife does not want me to sell the bike. I just got back from an incredible 7600 mile trip around the USA. It never let me down. Not a drop of oil missing.

I would take this bike across the country again in a heart beat or to Alaska.

I am selling the bike because I realize that my wife really doesn't want to ride anymore and I don't need such a big bike. I am done touring for big trips after a total of 80,000 + miles without an incident and will be downsizing to get a smaller, day trip kind of bike. One that can fit in my van that I am getting.
The bike is in mint condition.

I have the title. $9200.00.
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