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  1. gv550

    Stripped bolt for pumpkin acorn nut

    That's not a bolt, it's a stud. No need to disassemble the final drive to replace it, just weld a nut onto it and turn it out of the final drive housing. It is probably loctited in there so apply heat to the aluminum housing before turning the stud out. Replace the nut as well, or it will ruin...
  2. gv550

    final drive temperature

    My final drive has always been too hot to hold my hand against after a ride. On the center stand the rear wheel will sometimes turn in neutral but not always, maybe depends on temperature or oil viscosity.
  3. gv550

    Hello from Montreal!

    Welcome from Ontario.
  4. gv550

    Side Cae Latch

    PM Dr Ratbagg on this forum, he makes them.
  5. gv550

    Coast to Coast to Coast in Canada

    At some point you are going to have to start heading north to get that third coast! You do have 3 coasts in your thread title. :cool:
  6. gv550

    2022 Tenere Rally

    Thanks for the update, DougC. I do have my bike prepped for the ride but having been to Whitehorse 4 times and border restrictions now lifted, I think I’m going to travel USA this summer. Have a great ride to the land of midnight sunshine.
  7. gv550

    Coast to Coast to Coast in Canada

    Be sure to stop in Meat Cove for chowder.
  8. gv550

    2022 Tenere Rally

    Due to minimal activity in this thread recently, Is it fair to assume this event is not going to happen? I'm not judging or complaining, stuff happens and life gets in the way, but it would nice to know either way.
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    Welcome from southwest Ontario.
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    Yamaha Super Tenere MOTO-TAG photo game

    Next, farm implement repurposed as lawn art.
  11. gv550

    Yamaha Super Tenere MOTO-TAG photo game

    Grab, playground without kids!
  12. gv550

    Cruise Control won’t engage!

    Check all the switches in the cruise system. Clutch, throttle body, 2 front brake, 2 rear brake. Both brake levers have 2 switches, one for the brake light and one for cruise, and both need to be working and in sequence.
  13. gv550

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Turned 200k last month so I treated the big girl with well deserved new oils, filters, tires, spark plugs, valve clearance check, lubed swingarm and linkage bearings, brake fluid, coolant, fork oil, final drive oil, steering stem service and even cleaned a few areas. I had bought a new cam...
  14. gv550

    Looking for some advice going from cruiser to ADV

    I've had cruisers since 2000 and bought my T12 in 2016, sold my latest cruiser (a 2009 Voyager 1700) in 2018 and the T12 became our two-up touring bike for 1.5 years. We travelled a lot together, one month-long trip, and the only complaint I ever heard from wifey was the big step to get on and...
  15. gv550

    My first brand new motorcycle

    My first new motorcycle, 1982 R100RS. bike is 10 years old in this photo judging from the faded red paint. Rode it 300,000 kms.
  16. gv550

    SOLD Knight design lowering pegs

    I will buy them, private message sent.
  17. gv550

    SOLD Knight design lowering pegs

    I'm interested in buying these pegs, waiting to see photos.
  18. gv550

    Final Drive Shaft and U-joint Alignment

    One u joint. Just had mine apart yesterday, pull the rear drive off and the shaft comes with it. Lube the splines and insert the shaft into the swingarm, leave the drive coupling on the final drive so you can turn the shaft to re-engage the front spline.
  19. gv550

    Transmission / driveshaft help needed

    You should be able to see the u joint and determine if it has failed. Remove the metal guard and pull the rubber boot forward until you see the u joint cross. Rotate the rear wheel slowly and watch the cross, if you see play in the bearings (or metal cuttings) then you need a new driveshaft.
  20. gv550

    which song prevent you from falling asleep?

    Raise a Little Hell, by Reverend Peytons big damn band.