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  1. gv550

    Is the end in sight for ecu flashing, aftermarket exhaust & air filters?

    A post on the Goldwing forum explains the reason for a popular vendor shutting down their ecu flashing service. The EPA has raided some shops that were providing ecu, exhaust and air filter modifications for cars and motorcycles, followed by huge fines. This is the first I’ve heard of this...
  2. gv550

    What happened to Noraly?

    I’ve been following Itchy Boots on YouTube for years, in her latest season she has been touring South Africa and now Namibia. She has been posting regularly 3 days a week but suddenly stopped. I don’t follow her other social media outlets, just wondering if anyone else does and can forward the...
  3. gv550

    Came back home to papa!

    This is a bike I bought new 20 years ago, fell in love with her swooping fenders and sunbeam red paint. Kawasaki vn800 Drifter. I rode it 3 years and 210,000 kms then sold it to a friend, he rode it 50k and traded it off at a used car dealer. The dealer took it home and just looked at it for...
  4. gv550

    Solution for uneven tire wear.

    With about 20,000 kms on my Mitas tires, I have noticeably more wear and a bit of cupping on the left side of my front tire. Apparently I ride further and faster through left turns than right so I came up with this solution to even up the wear. At first I considered just remounting the tire but...
  5. gv550

    Twisted Throttle for Canadian riders.

    Twisted Throttle had a retail outlet near me in New Dundee, Ontario and I was a frequent customer there. I felt like a kid in a candy store, lots of goodies and friendly staff. 4-5 years ago they closed that store and moved to the Toronto area so I continued buying tires and accessories online...
  6. gv550

    Seeking help with electronic suspension theory.

    I have a 2018 Honda Goldwing that has electronically adjustable suspension. Unfortunately, Honda decided to tie the 3 damping settings to the ride modes, stiffest damping in Sport mode, medium in Tour mode and softest in Rain mode. I would like to uncouple the damping from the modes, there is a...
  7. gv550

    Opinions about Race Tech rear suspension (shock)

    My 2016 (non ES) is about to roll over 100,000 kms, likely tomorrow. It's been a fantastic trouble free bike, easily the best bike I've had. Last month the left fork began leaking, I cleaned it with a Seal Saver and it's been dry since. A week later the right side started leaking and cleaning...
  8. gv550

    Living with OEM luggage.

    Canadian S10s are supplied with the Yamaha panniers so I've been using them for almost 3 years. Definitely not the most rugged compared to aftermarket or other OEMs but they do integrate well with the bike. I bought the Yamaha top case just to have lockable storage for my expensive helmet. With...
  9. gv550

    Wanted: FJR panniers (saddlebags) or just the lids.

    My Tracer GT has Yamaha City cases, similar to FJR panniers except the lids are flat instead of curved out. I'd prefer the larger volume so I can store my helmet.
  10. gv550

    Headlight aim changed

    I have been having way too much fun riding jeep trails and dirt paths around Phoenix this winter, lots of rough washboard and rock jumping. I noticed my left headlight now aims way low and to the left of where I had them set. I've checked the bulb is not loose, and I can reset the aim with the...
  11. gv550

    Arizona S10 gathering

    I'm spending the winter in Apache Junction and try to get out for a ride each day. Inspired by the upcoming Florida winter riders meeting for lunch, I'm wondering if any Arizona S10ers would like to get together and tell some lies, maybe even head out for an adventure ride or two.
  12. gv550

    Black S10 eastbound on #7 Ontario

    East of Lindsay about 9:30 this morning...... both of your headlights are out!
  13. gv550

    New Tracer GT

    After 9.5 years and 679,465 kms, I have traded my trusty 898 lb Kawasaki Voyager V-twin for the new 495 lb Tracer GT. Black with blue wheels, with touring windshield and 50 litre top case coming. The new bike is built but enroute from Japan so I won't have it for several weeks yet. I'm looking...
  14. gv550

    Ruined my wheel bearing spacer.

    I made a bonehead mistake, after installing a new Mitas Dakar on my front wheel I reassembled the front wheel axle, spacers, ABS sensor and brake calipers all loosely then looked up the torque values. As I was tightening the front axle I thought it felt like too much torque, just then I heard a...
  15. gv550

    1 gal Rotopax on OEM luggage

    Has anyone tried mounting a 1 gal Rotopax fuel can to the inner side of the right hand OEM pannier? The Rotopax measures 3 inches thick and there appears to be enough clearance between the pannier and the frame, and to the brake caliper. I'd mount it lengthwise on the pannier with the filler at...
  16. gv550

    Wanted... Winter 2018/19 rental near Phoenix

    We spent last winter in Apache Junction and had a fantastic stay with lots of dirt road riding. We are in Florida this winter and would like to return to the southwest next season. Does anyone here know of a vacation rental, either a house or park model in a resort? We'd consider anywhere in the...
  17. gv550

    Puig headlight protector

    I'm looking for a clear plastic headlight protector, I like the Yamaha 23P-H4105-00-10 but it appears no longer available. The Puig looks to be two flat pieces joined in the center. I haven't found a better description, wondering if it is quick-detach, is it far enough away from the headlight to...
  18. gv550

    Yamaha luggage lid springs

    I've been living with my OEM boxes for a year and get along fine with them, but often wondered about the the springs that lift the lids against the latch. So I removed the springs and holders, I still push the lid down out of habit but less effort is needed and the locks now turn more freely...
  19. gv550

    Flashing cruise light

    After 50 weeks of S10 ownership, I had my first problem with the bike. The cruise light flashes and SET does not engage, sometime right from a standing start, and sometimes it will engage then kick off and begin flashing after riding for a bit. Since it's under warranty for 2 more weeks I took...
  20. gv550

    UK travel advice request

    I'm thinking of using the Air Canada Cargo fly & ride program, my wife and I and one bike. We would take a month and hope to tour England, Scotland and Ireland. I have a few questions: What weather can we expect in June? What price should we expect to pay for indoor accommodations? (wifey...