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  1. SailorConnor

    Gen2 Madstad Screen Bracket + 22 Inch Clear Screen - Kent, UK

    Hey everyone. Anyone interested in my Madstad Bracket and 22" Madstad Screen? Suitable for the Gen2 Models. Everything's there. Some bolts are different lengths than what is pictured in the instructions because I replaced the main 4 bolts that go attach the bracket to the bike as the...
  2. SailorConnor

    Few bits in the UK - All immaculate.

    Will upload photos in a couple of days, but just thought I'd gauge interest. All parts taken from my Gen2 Super Tenere - All in excellent condition and all prices are including UK tracked and insured postage. ASV Gold Levers - £130 Touratech Headlight Protector - £65 PIAA Fog Lights - Gen2...
  3. SailorConnor

    PIAA Lights Question!

    Hey everyone, I've taken my PIAA lights off the bike today as I'm going to sell them. Plug and play option so nice and easy. Just wanted to make sure that I've got everything off as theres one connector on the bike that I'm not sure would have come on the bike or with the lights. The...
  4. SailorConnor

    World Crossed Sump Guard Instructions?

    Hey everyone.. Does anyone have a copy of the installation for the OEM Sump Guard? I'm looking to remove mine to sell it but want to make sure I have all the right bolts etc to put the original back in place. Cheers! Con
  5. SailorConnor

    Problem with the cables.

    Anybody had any issues with the immobiliser cable (from bottom of ignition barrel) rubbing on the nut in the photo? Mine is bar tight on the nut when the bars are turned to the right and has worn through the sheathing and started to split the cables inside. Cable is routed as per the cable...
  6. SailorConnor

    How do you like your Holan panniers?

    Hey guys. I'm thinking about getting a set of Nomada panniers for my S10. I was going to go for the Bumots but saw recently that the Holan pannier frames seem to have build in grab handles which I really like the idea of. Do people have any photos of theres? I'd be looking at the 31L ones...
  7. SailorConnor

    OEM Side Cases - Kent, UK

    After a while of deliberating I have a set of Bumot panniers on the way. I do like the OEM ones, especially like how they look on the bike, but no need for 2 sets of panniers so these ones have to go! Absolutely immaculate condition. 1 or 2 tiny little dings but you will not find a cleaner set...
  8. SailorConnor

    Do you live in the UK and run OEM panniers?

    Hey guys. Hopefully the title isn't too misleading.. Anyone out there running OEM side cases without pillion grab handles? If so, do you have the original collar spacers laying around, that are designed to be used with the grab handles? My bike has OEM cases but I have bought a set of grab...
  9. SailorConnor

    Puig Touring Screen - Dark Smoke (Gen2)

    Hey guys. Just wanted to say if anyone in the UK was looking to sell one of these screens I'd be interested as the shops aren't getting stock in for another month or so.. Cheers :)
  10. SailorConnor

    Problem fitting Madstad bracket :(

    Hey guys. Picked up my new S10 yesterday and was really excited to get the Madstad bracket on today. I have however run into a problem or two. I can't seem to get the side supports to line up without using way too much force (in my opinion) I've installed as per the instructions, using the...
  11. SailorConnor

    Finally, I own a Super10!

    Hey guys. Today was the day. Very happy boy over here. As you can see from the photos below I've had my fair share of bikes over the years, but I knew I wanted an S10 in the long run. A couple of weeks ago this beauty popped up at a dealer about an hour from me. I phoned 2 minutes...