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    Newell Highway NSW

    A white Super Tenere travelling north with one other bike. Think it was near to Forbes.
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    MCE Insurance

    Anyone affected by the MCE collapse? Looks like MCE UK is offering new policies, but I’m not sure I can trust them now.
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    Useful Torque Figures

    Might be useful for those who do home maintenance. I have posted previously, but have added some additional figures. NOTE - These are for a Gen1 bike, although very likely the same for Gen2. Caution with those marked * if Gen2. Sump plugs - 20NM Oil Filter - 17NM Shaft Drain - 23NM Shaft Filler...
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    Saw 3 Super Tenere’s today - oop north

    Quite rare I see other Super Teneres about. On the way back from Berwick Upon Tweed, I saw two together going north on the A1, I guess a bit north of Leeds. Then another in Tadcaster. Anyone?
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    New adventure bike test, with S10 included

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    Lithium batteries/starter packs

    I read a couple of posts on here about lithium batteries, and I’m sure a lithium starter pack, that have burst into flames under certain conditions, which I don’t really understand. I’m planning to purchase a starter pack in the not too distant future and would like to know what I’m getting...
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    Super Tenere Video

    Apologies if this has already been discussed on here, however I saw a trailer earlier this evening, for a motorcycle adventure, 4 part series called Himalaya Calling, with both bikes used being Super Tenere’s. It’s available on Amazon Prime. Being a trailer promoting the series, obviously it...
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    Opening MotoGP - Cancelled

    Saw earlier that the Qatar opening round has been cancelled due to travel restrictions that are in place because of the Coronavirus. Smaller classes will run though, as the teams are already there due to testing.
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    2020 Plans - what’s happing?

    New year is almost with us here in the UK and Europe, already here for some, and a bit further behind for some others. However, it’s usually about this time of year that plans start taking shape for the next seasons trips and tours. Who’s doing what, going where? Me, I’m riding down through...
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    Spark Plug - Potential issues

    I’m aware that this matter has been raised numerous time on this forum, however I’m highlighting again, as it may help avoid a future similar problem that of one of our fellow Super Tenere owners is currently facing. I changed my plugs a while back and all 4 that I took out showed no sign...
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    Going to France - a word of caution

    Have just got back from the over the channel, mostly riding through France, which I have done for many many years. Today, 3 out of a group of 7 bikes and one car, have received speeding fines through the post, two the same spot and the car in a different area. Fines range from €45 to €90 if...
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    Summer Trip

    Been prepping the bike for the first of this years trips across the Channel. New tyres, diff oil changed, engine oil and filter change, check over and now ready to go, albeit towards the end of next week. There’s a few of us heading just south of Grenoble, in a Gite for a week, then a smaller...
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    1st Trip of 2019

    Off to Scotland for a week in the morning. Friday through the Peak District, then Hebden Bridge, Hawes and on to Moffat for the night. Saturday, scenic route to Oban, Glencoe and finally Fort Augustus for a few days. Then to Durness including an overnight stop up there, before heading down the...
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    Fuse question

    Anyone know what amp fuse controls the circuit that the hooter is on? Ta
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    European Trip

    Almost ready! New CCT, Clutch Basket, Tyres, almost new pads front and rear, oil & filter and diff oil change!! Setting off for Dover/Calais, 1st night in Namur Belgium, heading to Brno for the MotoGP, stopping off for the night in Colditz on the way. After the GP plans are very loose, however...
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    Fender extender question

    Anyone use the stick on type fender extender? Do these actually stay in place with the stickers that are provided? Please note, I'm not after advice on self tapping, riveting or gluing a fender extender. TIA ::008::
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    Pad change

    I've now done about 14k mile on my Gen1 bike and have never really been happy with the performance of the brakes, feeling that they lacked any real bite, suspecting that the pad choice was the problem. After a total of almost 17k miles I decided enough and changed to EBC HH pads. Am now happy...
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    Drive Shaft - Questions

    Hi I have read and gone through numerous drive related threads, but have seen conflicting responses, hence the questions, Note - This is my first drive shaft bike :) - 2013 S10, 12k miles. This coming winter I plan to remove the pumpkin and lube the front splines, what lube goes on these...
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    A few questions

    Hi All Am very seriously considering a Super Tenere as my next bike, so, a few enquiries. My biking needs are mainly around touring, off road stuff for me consists of gravel car parks at worst. At over 6ft and 16st I'm ok with physically big bikes, in fact this really appeals to me with the...
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    New boy from the UK

    Hi All Boris here from the midlands in the UK. Bit about me - biking for in excess of 30 years, done the sport bike thing to death and got a tad bored with it all and the ever increasing possibility of losing my licence or getting hurt with the growing population of cars clogging up the UK...