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  1. WaltM

    SOLD: Stock Windshield from 2015 ES for sale

    Basically sitting in my garage. $60 shipped to Continental USA.
  2. WaltM

    Unaweep-Tabeguache Scenic Byway in Colorado

    Seen on July 26 (Thursday) Had New Jersey tags. Spoke to him briefly.
  3. WaltM

    ALT Rider Crash Bar Field Testing

    I was mounting up for the last leg of my Chicago to Toronto trip (1850 miles one way) and decided not to move the bike from the slanted side of the road before mounting up. Bad move. Alt Rider crash bars and Happy Trails pannier took the brunt. No real damage other than me hitting the ground...
  4. WaltM

    Grand Marais, MI last Wednesday

    Saw a Blue S10 parked next to the bar across from the gas station last week while riding through Grand Marais in UP. I bought gas while passing through and continued on to Sault Ste Marie and Canada. Walt
  5. WaltM

    Chicago to Toronto via Northern Ontario

    I am leaving in two weeks. Plan to cross that border at Sault St. Marie and head to Wawa, ON. Then down 129 and from there I should have another 4 days to get to Toronto. I hear 144 is good from between Timmins and Sudbury. Would like to get to Sturgeon Falls. May go down to Manitoulin Island...
  6. WaltM

    Forum color scheme

    Is there a way to change the scheme from grey font on a black background to a dark font on a white background?
  7. WaltM

    New owner near Chicago

    Greetings from Chicagoland. I purchased a 2015 ES from forum member Taz in NY which he shipped for me and I received on Saturday. I am coming from the world of cruisers (VStar, Road Star) and it was time for a change. Rented a GS last September and rode 1100 miles in California and test rode a...