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  1. Dogdaze

    Rushing, tire plugs, and TPMS vs Mitas E07 failure

    Glad you are safe CW and able to tell all............. yes I do still check in from time to time.........;)
  2. Dogdaze


    Well I waved my S10 off last night, did not ride it enough to justify it collecting dust. I may pick up another one later in life, I may get a small toy CRF250Rally or scooter and the wife is not best pleased I sold it. Hopefully the new owner will join this great group, he is based in Oslo...
  3. Dogdaze

    What is this bike?

    Looks like a 2006-2008 R1, mirrors removed and track ready?
  4. Dogdaze

    well shit happens....

    SMIDSY................................ lucky boy!
  5. Dogdaze

    Reverse bleeding issue

    TBH RC, I was just guessing, some cars have those and as there is a sequence to bleeding the brakes I thought parhaps it had something to the way air needed to be evacuated from the system............... On cars if a brake fails on one side you can still use your brakes and the rest will still...
  6. Dogdaze

    Reverse bleeding issue

    May be the left side has a non-return valve on the divertor?
  7. Dogdaze

    Super T from Lithuania

    Welcome Antanas
  8. Dogdaze

    Soft Luggage mount advice

    When I owned a V-Strom, I got what basically was a 'rod or flat bar' that ran almost a diagonal from the grab rail to the passenger foot peg bolt and this was to keep soft bags from swinging into the wheel /exhaust. Would it be worth exploring making something like that for your needs, B&Q sells...
  9. Dogdaze

    Odometer of the Day photo

    I just want to ask, where the heck do you guys go? Do you not like the folks around you at home? :eek: I managed to ride 200 miles so far this year...........
  10. Dogdaze

    'Ey up! (T'is a Yorkshire greeting)

    Wait now, don't get excited, here we have 30kmh, so that's even slower than 20mph............ and zero tolerance in those zones (mostly schools or hospitals)
  11. Dogdaze

    Soft Luggage mount advice

    Assuming you don't want to mount pannier rails or racks? How about taking off the passenger grab handles, trun them upside down and swap sides, you'll have your stand-off's.............
  12. Dogdaze

    'Ey up! (T'is a Yorkshire greeting)

    Welcome to the fold Yorkie
  13. Dogdaze

    Anybody using rear lower pegs for passengers.

    Thanks Grumpy, just what I needed to know, they don't have to be 180° but just enough for her feet to reach flat and in the arch. She is almost there now, but she is little for her age.
  14. Dogdaze

    Anybody using rear lower pegs for passengers.

    Those that have them, question; is there a possiblity to use the upside down? I may look at a set if that is possible so that I can take my daughter out on the back, I said that I would take her out when her feet could reach the pegs............. That may not happen before she finds an interest...
  15. Dogdaze

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    This has happened before, the piece can be replaced. Make sure everything is nice and tight, but also make sure you don't have too much 'hanging' off the cowl, a bigger screen will add to the stress, if that is what you have then add stabiliser rods to take up some of the extra stress that the...
  16. Dogdaze

    Foot Shields ??

    These were more of a 'mudflap' kind of deal, the name 'Nobbies' or something comes to mind.
  17. Dogdaze

    Foot Shields ??

    I know they used to have something like that for the BMW boxer engine, I saw a GS with them, not sure about the S10 though
  18. Dogdaze

    Another Good Bye V-Strom, Hello Super Tenere

    Unless you are from OZ, anyway, welcome!