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  1. staq50

    Another Clutch rebuild

    Well. finally got over the god dam clutch rattle and banging around in my 2012. I originally took the clutch out 1 year ago before my 10 day tour fully loaded 2 up, thinking that maybe the clutch wouldn't handle the pace...It did, with no issues, but noticed then the tell tale marks of wear and...
  2. staq50

    Cat's again....

    Hey guys just asking, has anyone that has removed their cat seen any signs of the cat failing, ie cat dust and or fragments? I know when high mileage cats can fail causing no end of problems...
  3. staq50

    Red hot

    Started the bike up today since it hasn't run for two weeks after lockdown, just ran it on the stand till temp reached 102 C got a bit of smoke rising and looked at the down at the pipes...oops little too hot here.....didn't think they'd get that hot that quick...
  4. staq50

    Throttle body sinc.

    Hey, had this S10 for a couple of weeks now and been looking at the process of sincing these T.bodies, and to me seems a little backward?? wondering why we have one closed air/vacume blanked off (RHS) and other operating the vacume switch....thinking here why are these not equalised vacume...
  5. staq50

    New Owner from way down in NZ

    Hey Guys great to be part of the Group