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  1. shift_enter

    plug in the groove- would you replace?

    so I had my first flat today, i’m really glad I had a plug kit with the compressor in my bag. it is the mushroom type plug and it enabled me to get home just fine. im curious if you guys would replace the tire- the entry site was in one of the grooves for water runoff on my metzler tourance...
  2. shift_enter

    Oil weeping from clutch cover [EDIT - CW]

    [EDIT - CW] I'm 500 miles into a 10-day trip. And I just noticed the motor [EDIT - CW] is weeping oil. Is this something I should be really worried about? I don't want to lose all my oil on this trip and lock up my engine but I don't want to cut the trip short either for something that isn't...
  3. shift_enter

    vista cruise (not universal) install tips?

    I got a vista cruise and I have no idea how to fasten the lower half to something solid. I know I need to shave some size off of the plastic washer that is between the grip and the throttle cable housing to reduce friction there, but how in the heck do I secure the VC to the bike?!? I don’t want...
  4. shift_enter

    is there a difference between gen 1 and gen 2 mufflers?

    i am looking at upgrading my exhaust can on my gen 1 and I see an aftermarket pipe for sale near me but it is for a gen 2. it shouldn't have changed much right?
  5. shift_enter

    boots without buckles- what do you wear

    I am looking for boots that do not have buckles anywhere near the feet or ankle. whatcha got?
  6. shift_enter

    PSA: new tires + subfreezing temps = no traction

    New tires have a sealer on them to keep the rubber good and need to be ridden very gently for about 100 miles then they’re considered broken in. by gently I mean very minimal lean angle in the turns keeping the bike upright as much as possible. motorcycle tires stick to the road, they grab it...
  7. shift_enter

    Vibration eliminating phone mount?

    I was reading either on this forum or on a Facebook group, about the vibration in motorcycles being bad for the cameras in the iPhones and maybe other smart phones that have image stabilizers. And this week my camera started to shake when it was completely still, after my 1,300 mile trip where...
  8. shift_enter

    Sit&Fly seat cover + 1,300 miles in 4 days = ZERO saddle soreness

    I was looking at spending several hundred dollars on a new seat. After I leveled the seat out, by changing the rubber grommets as found on this forum, and put on this sit & fly seat cover I have no saddle soreness from a 4 day trip. it looked weird at first, and the thing doesn't hold water like...
  9. shift_enter

    clutch basket cover oil leak not fixed after gasket change- now what?

    I have a slow oil leak from the clutch cover and I replaced the gasket and still have a slow leak. I cleaned off the residue of the old gasket very well to ensure a good seal. should I try some liquid gasket stuff? If I do, do I need a brand new gasket each time the cover is opened? it’s a...
  10. shift_enter

    WTB aftermarket exhaust can and/or headers

    title says it all. located in the greater Metro Detroit area
  11. shift_enter

    does anyone have experience with melting things with an aftermarket exhaust?

    i’m looking at buying a full arrow exhaust from recommendations I’ve read on this forum but i’m also considering other options for the can. The way that some of the cheaper cans vent out the back makes me think it might melt my turn signal and rear fender. are there any cans to definitely stay...
  12. shift_enter

    preload adjustment knob replacement on non-ES

    My preload adjustment knob was stripped out in the center and would not change the setting; I definitely stripped it when trying to adjust it with a passenger on board. After searching on this forum I came across Eagle Mike who makes a metal replacement knob. I bought one after a quick email...
  13. shift_enter

    [GEN 1] dual intensity LED running lights and turn signals

    2013 scooter. i got some denali LED marker lights which can run on 50% power or 100% power. I plugged them into the aux light connector under the right fairing and they powered on even though the bike was off.... after doing some research I see that one of the wires in that connector is...
  14. shift_enter

    Fork rebuild with bushings - which parts do I need?

    A family friend is going to rebuild my 2013 forks for me and he told me to order all the stuff I need for a rebuild. I’m not sure which parts I need, I know I want to do the bushings after reading on this forum. And looking at the attached diagram I have no clue. Which items do I need...
  15. shift_enter

    OEM side case mounting bracket instructions or setup

    I recently acquired some OEM side cases with the brackets and I’d like to see how exactly to mount the brackets on the bike. Does anyone have a copy of the installation diagram or have some pics of the mounting hardware installed on the bike? I‘m gonna be starting from scratch and want some help...
  16. shift_enter

    Issue Pictures 1/2 loading in full screen view

    When i looked at this picture on chrome on my iphone only half of the picture loads, the top half. It happens regularly but not all the time. The photo shows what I see and reloading the page doesnt work...
  17. shift_enter

    What is this idling noise? CCT?

    Aside from my commentary about the glowing windshield edges, the idling engine noise in this video is curious to me. Does this sound like the cam chain tensioner or something else? It doesn’t change when I pull in the clutch so I don’t think it’s the basket but I maybe wrong
  18. shift_enter

    Integrating front turn signals into aux headlights

    has anyone tried making the running lights, inside of the headlight housing, into turn signals? I think they won’t be bright enough if I try this, but man it would allow me to lower the big aftermarket windshield I have on the thing without the huge stock indicators in the way
  19. shift_enter

    What is this 6 pin connector under the pilon seat for?

    I’m installing a brake flasher and I noticed a connector underneath the passenger seat – it just dead ends there. There are 4 wires running into a 6 pin conmector
  20. shift_enter

    Why doesn't this work for S10s?

    Is it the bar size? I saw somewhere on the forum here that the bar is 1 1/8" when these are for 7/8" bars. Someone please tell me I'm wrong about a 2013 S10 bar width of 1 1/8" at the grips... These OEM universal heated grips are only $120 from yam. Then the ones for a 2013 S10 are $400+ WTH...