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    Well I waved my S10 off last night, did not ride it enough to justify it collecting dust. I may pick up another one later in life, I may get a small toy CRF250Rally or scooter and the wife is not best pleased I sold it. Hopefully the new owner will join this great group, he is based in Oslo...
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    Stuff it!! Happy Thanks Giving

    To all that make a day of it, get stuffed! :)
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    NEW R1250GS and RT

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    Kofi Annan dies

    Just heard the sad news of a man I really admired, strived to good even through adversity within the UN. A man that never backed down to do the right thing. RIP.
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    FOR SALE - UK Registered 2016 non-ES Race Blue £6500

    Well we will be moving, again! This time the bike has to go, mainly for the move but also as I want to get something that I can take my girls out on/in. I really don't get to ride often enough any more. I will post pics as soon as I can, probably by this afternoon. 2016 Non-ES model Race Blue...
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    Citizenship Renouncing- Caution, this may offend.

    Ok, let's start by saying that this is not intended to offend any sensitive souls. But recently I have investigated the avenue of renouncing citizenship, as I find myself at opposite ends of the US government trajectory, for nearly 20 years actually, we are just not on the same path. I have the...
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    Smart Brake Systems

    Although this is a YT video of Motorcycle Adventures, he talks about a great product found in Europe and at 79 Euro's quite reasonable.... I know you guys in the US can get similar products, so CW or AVGeek want to merge, feel free.
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    They really know how to hurt you!

    From time to time I share some insight to the thoughts of my two daughters, mainly the older one (nearly 9) but recently the younger who is 6 has chimed in. This is a conversation between my wife and the 6 year old who gets a lift to school once a week. Daughter: " I am so lucky to have such...
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    2014+ Madstad Bracket

    For sale, a Madstad bracket with accessory bar that fits 2014+ but will also fit a 2012 Gen1 but you would have to fit a Gen 2 screen to it or drill holes in your existing screen. $85.00 inc shipping Conus or UK (paypal F+F only), happy to ship elsewhere but PM me as I would want on add...
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    I love watching this guy

    As above and he is funny too......
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    Making Panniers- Interesting video

    Ok, full disclosure, I'm officially bored now, so watch at your own peril....
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    2014+ Puig tall Screen and Madstad Bracket £110 +shipping

    As title, I have a Puig touring screen clear and a Madstad bracket to fit a 2014+ Gen 2 bike, however, if you use the Madstad with the Puig then it will also fit a Gen 1 bike. Price is both item together, I am going in another direction. I will be returning t the UK this Friday, so if you are...
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    2018 EICMA

    33 minutes if you can sit through it, but a few interesting bikes......
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    Eating Mud!?!

    From time to time I like to share conversations I have with my kids, so switch off now if it's not your thing. I have two girls A-8 and J-5, well, as I was prepping lunch today, they were at the dining table looking out onto the garden ( I had cleared most of the leaves that had dropped...
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    Just got to see this about Yamaha

    Below is a YT link to the Japanese MC show, this one features Yamaha product, very cool stuff, especially the gyroscopic controlled bike that thinks it's a dog!
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    K&N OIL FILTER RECALL- Please read!

    I had this emailed to me: KN-204 OIL FILTER RECALL WHY WE ARE TAKING THIS ACTION K&N has discovered that in certain KN-204 oil filters manufactured between March 1, 2016 and September 30, 2016, oil can leak at the area where a nut (intended for use to remove the oil filter during routine oil...
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    What would you have done?

    Not trying to validate my actions, but I had occasion to visit our local Ikea today with my youngest daughter (5), and after the cashier there is a hotdog/coffee/donut etc kiosk, I generally let my daughters go by themselves while I wait to pay, to get themselves an ice cream cone. I try to...
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    Lets Ride!

    You may enjoy this........
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    Throttle cable protector question

    I have a 2016 non-ES model, having had the 2012 model before. I picked it up from it's first service this morning and just out of curiosity looked at the throttle bodies and the throttle cables that connect to the bodies (left hand side) and on the old bike I had a black plastic cover, on the...