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  1. TomZ

    Rear radar

    It is amazing to me how much negative comment the idea of using the rear radar to detect vehicles coming from behind has generated. Most of the comment can be summarized as "my trusty old side vision mirrors are good enough for me." Personally I think the rear radar a great idea, and here's why...
  2. TomZ

    Rear radar

    It's hard to go back once you've had cruise control.
  3. TomZ

    Rear radar

    A couple of comments on this. As you said, there are other display options, including a watch. I considered the $99 head unit , but did not want to put much money in this. The Varia 315 was on sale before Thanksgiving for $99 with free shipping and the old phone was essentially free, so I'm only...
  4. TomZ

    Rear radar

    The display only indicates vehicles when they are approaching, so no photos taken when the bike is moving or in traffic. The app display is very simple: Just two parallel lines indicating the road, car icons appearing at the bottom as vehicles are 1st detected and advancing to the top where the...
  5. TomZ

    Rear radar

    Here's something I came up with to detect vehicles approaching from behind and overtaking. It's a rear radar unit called a Varia 315 that Garmin sells for bicycles. What this device does is detect vehicles approaching from as far back as 140 meters (about 450 feet). Although not intended for...
  6. TomZ

    Hi from Try-Cities, WA

    Tried sending another PM and starting a conversation. You should be able to access these from your member name. Not sure what else to try.
  7. TomZ

    Hi from Try-Cities, WA

    Hi Hank, Welcome to the forum. I live in Kennewick, so not far away. Tried to send you a PM but not sure it worked.
  8. TomZ

    Is this a normal noise

    I should clarify my earlier comment. Rocking the wheel back and forth produces a small lash in the drive gears (but not in the u-joint). According to the service manual, a small amount of gear backlash is essential for proper operation of the drive. So evidently this is normal.
  9. TomZ

    Is this a normal noise

    No noise from my 2015 in the same test. Others may want to weigh in.
  10. TomZ

    Valve check/adjustment

    To the DIYers that might be contemplating this job, I would say that it is tedious but not too difficult. I have done this job 7 times on three ST's (one belonging to a friend). The video in one of the posts above is a great place to start. Also a service manual. Not saying I would do it exactly...
  11. TomZ

    Coil Stick

    The secondary coil resistance should be k-ohms rather than ohms. Also, Amazon carries low-price aftermarket ignition stick coils for the ST. They claim that the quality exceeds the OEM version.
  12. TomZ

    Rear Brake-Pad Wear

    The shop manual recommends many replacements at intervals that seem overcautious --washers, o-rings, locknuts, crush seals and spark plugs to name a few. Sort of a CYA I suppose, but you have to judge for yourself where these do not affect safety or performance. Recommended lubrication I do...
  13. TomZ

    Rear Brake-Pad Wear

    With 95K miles on my 2015 ES, I'm on my 3rd rear disc and have gone through many sets of brake pads. The original front discs and pads are still good. The problem with the rear brake is that the floating caliper sometimes sticks and the brake overheats. In one case, the disc was so overheated...
  14. TomZ

    Me presento, desde Madrid, España

    Bienvenido a bordo. Que disfrute la moto nueva.
  15. TomZ

    Anyone change their own tires?

    Real macho motorcyclists don't need tools for tire changes. They just use fingernails and teeth. No, seriously, get a decent bead breaker and tools. It's already been mentioned, but starting with the old and new tires well warmed makes the job much easier. So does tire paste for the demounting...
  16. TomZ

    Valve adjustment - Gen1 vs Gen2

    I have done the valve check/adjustment several times on both Gen1 and Gen 2 bikes and don't recall any significant difference. In the Valve Clearance and Adjustment section of this forum, there is a link to an excellent recent YouTube video that details the process...
  17. TomZ

    Michelin Anakee Adventure

    Follow up on Michelin Anakee Adventure tires: Just changed my 2nd set of AA front tires on my 2015 ST at 17K miles. They were not quite to the wear bars in the middle, but pretty much worn out at the shoulders. That's the best mileage I have gotten on front tires, and better that I ever got from...
  18. TomZ

    Valve adjustment - more lessons learned

    There are compression release pins on 2 exhaust valves. You can see them if you look under the cam. It's important to set the cam position carefully so that those 2 valves are not lifted when you measure.
  19. TomZ

    What to replace cyclops LED headlight with?

    Like many others, my 1st set of Cyclops lights failed after 10K hours or so. That's a little past 1 year and just out of warranty. It's a long way short of the 30K hours these lights are supposed to last. The problem seems to be overheating in the sealed caps. To make them last longer, I'm...