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  1. staq50

    Other Kiwis?

    howdy, based in Napier......nice to see you here.....
  2. staq50

    What do we now think of the bike

    know exactly where your coming from, my partners the same. ;)
  3. staq50

    EVLED's trips

    my favorite, but didn't have any gluten free....
  4. staq50

    EVLED's trips

    it's always a great ride out to the whanga did it not long ago myself....awesome overnight stay. to bad they have plans to seal the last stretch of gravel tho..on the way back meet up with a bunch of riders at Tauramanui heading home from their ride south
  5. staq50

    The new KLR 650 is out!

    the fuel injection would worry me also, emission control restrictions probably dictates it a necessity....sucking out more power that it's already lacking then probably require a reflash to get it sorted....maybe?
  6. staq50

    How old are you Super Ten rider?

    61 yrs young..............
  7. staq50

    Bout time for this

    lived and living the dream, love your story.....Welcome to the site.
  8. staq50

    Red Exhaust - What cause it?

    nice pink...
  9. staq50

    Red Exhaust - What cause it?

    and the same, at idle for 3-4 mins...
  10. staq50

    Another Clutch rebuild

    yes, just found pretty much the same thing with my clutch mod.......
  11. staq50

    Another Clutch rebuild

    this conversion is to replace the diaphragm spring system, my thoughts are it's cheap enough, but is it necessary? I've thought about it but can't see the overall gain, not many of us have had probs with the diaphragm spring system which is light and and quite progressive itself....others here...
  12. staq50

    Another Clutch rebuild

    Ok, now for an update the clutch mod on my Gen 1. here been a tad busy but after installation but was able to test run it on the weekend, the result was a big difference in the actual running of this bike, with smoother power delivery right through the rev range, and of course got rid of the...
  13. staq50

    Any experience with Hi-Flo air filter?

    I have one on my stock 2012, really can't feel to much difference at all.. but works fine...
  14. staq50

    Another Clutch rebuild

    I had the springs made by a spring manufacturer here,
  15. staq50

    Another Clutch rebuild

  16. staq50

    Another Clutch rebuild

    yep, but not all about saving a few dollars, but to modify and create something that's better...Why? because we can...:cool:
  17. staq50

    Another Clutch rebuild

    why not just fix something and save $700 .....and get a more understanding of the problems that are apparent...
  18. staq50

    Another Clutch rebuild

    Well. finally got over the god dam clutch rattle and banging around in my 2012. I originally took the clutch out 1 year ago before my 10 day tour fully loaded 2 up, thinking that maybe the clutch wouldn't handle the pace...It did, with no issues, but noticed then the tell tale marks of wear and...
  19. staq50

    New Member in East Texas

    and welcome from NZ... Enjoy
  20. staq50

    Overfilled The Oil

    don't forget on the Ten you need to take the bike for a run then recheck the level......i just undid the drain and leaked out what was needed....very simple really