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  1. TomZ

    Rear radar

    Here's something I came up with to detect vehicles approaching from behind and overtaking. It's a rear radar unit called a Varia 315 that Garmin sells for bicycles. What this device does is detect vehicles approaching from as far back as 140 meters (about 450 feet). Although not intended for...
  2. TomZ

    What about rabbits?

    On a recent ride through the western US, I went through an area infested with rabbits. We're talking about big jackrabbits now, not little bunnies. They were running everywhere, sometimes jumping out so close there was no time to react. So my question is, what happens if the ST runs over one...
  3. TomZ

    PR4 Tire question

    I've just finished my 3rd Michelin Pilot Road 4 rear tire on a 2012 S10 and am looking for a way to improve the tire mileage. The rears, which are regular PR4s, consistently wear out in 7500 to 8000 mi. The fronts, which are PR4 Trails chosen to match the tire size to the original Battlewings...
  4. TomZ

    Speed Bleeders and the S10

    The original hydraulic clutch and brake fluids that came with my "new" (in March) 2012 Super Tenere were dark (water-contaminated) and nasty smelling. It was time to change them. Along the way, I replaced the original bleeder screws with one-way valves from Speed Bleeder. There were some...