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    Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello For Guzzi's 100th birthday, they are releasing the V100 with a liquid cooled engine, 115 hp & shaft While they are currently doing great in selling the V85, I sure hope they make an ADV version.
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    The scammers are back (as opposed to spammers)

    Just a note that a member recently posted he was looking for something and sure enough two brand new members tried to sell him stuff. If you get a response or personal message and it looks too good to be true - Guess what? If the other person is brand new and never made a single post - Guess...
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    Question If having problems posting or seeing photos please report

    We can't do anything if we don't know there's a problem so please record here any of these you can for troubleshooting: 1. Were you unable to see a photo? Or post a photo? 2. What did you actually see or what foul deed did the nasty computer do to you trying to post? 3. What kind of computer...
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    Thanks to members on recent March of the Trolls

    Just a quick thanks to members for reporting on some of the noob posts as 4 of the 5 turned out to be likely trolls and not really sure yet about the 5th. I have enough going on in life that I can't skim every thread like I once did.
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    SOLD - Super clean F150 with extras. Price to drop weekly till gone.

    Now $17,995. Found a van so price cut here is $1,000 and will drop weekly till gone. Nearly flawless F150XL 2WD with most of the upgrades to be a XLT. Single owner since new. I love this truck and have it set up for fast conversion from camping to hauling or towing. Never a contractor truck or...
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    Electric vehicles, batteries, and myth busting

    A thread about the Harley Liveware was morphing into being more about electric vehicles. EVs are becoming a real alternative and there are a lot more options than just the Livewire, so this thread is a place to have those conversations. While there are experts on the subject out there who know...
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    2021-22 Planning

    [NOTE - This thread was split off of another more general one. - CW] Mdurf - I've both ridden and worked (many times) in Alaska and it is a beautiful place. This was the summer I was going to do the Haul Road so haven't been far north of Fairbanks, but I think I have more memories of the...
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    Tire sidewall flex video shows inside a tire

    I'm an engineering geek and doing investigations into tire failures and working with the tire manufacturers taught me a lot about why tire pressure is so important. The simple version is that pressure minimizes localized flexing of the sidewalls because flexing rubber heats, which softens it...
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    Freezing of posts

    At least two of you now have noticed that something minor has changed around here recently, so let's start with the "why." A couple of years ago we had a member on the forum who had difficulties in getting along with others and as he left the forum in a huff he spent a lot of time to hunt down...
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    Weapons - What you have (NOT a political discussion)

    We had a request to post a gun thread to share what various members own because some people have and enjoy them. Since gun, religion, and political threads usually go off the rails quickly, be aware that ANY of those posts WILL be deleted on sight. Don't care how little of the post is a...
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    Happy Easter, Passover, and National Pet Day!

    Just thought I'd kick it off with a Happy Easter, remembering the reason for it is actually not about bunnies and decorated eggs. Probably like most, our family get-together is off and at this point it will just be a few of us on the back deck where we can each bring in our own food/drink and be...
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    SPOT Messenger Gen3 $55

    Still selling at REI for $149.95 and lowest price online is $100. Just checked with the company and there'd be no charges or transfer fees other than what'd be normal for setting up the device brand new. They do now have some kind of flex plan. This is just for the device, I carried it in my...
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    Arkansas GPX files for 2020 rally

    As the title says, this thread is a place to share tracks for the rally. If you have tracks to share, here's the process: UPLOAD: Find them in your computers' File Explorer (MS) or Finder (Apple). Right click and make a duplicate just to make sure you don't mess up your original. Leave the...
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    Please report spammers

    We had a spammer calling him/herself Zlata from Ukraine and posting a picture of a beautiful topless young lady. I had to chuckle because 5 of you gave it a "Like' before somebody reported it hours later. Anyway, in the upper left corner of your screen should be a "Report" button. Please report...
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    AIMExpo in Columbus

    Had a nice time at the AIMExpo in Columbus and got to hang with HeliMark for a bit. Below are a few pix. Friday night party at AMA HQ. My dirty 2014 Super Tenere won 3rd in Modern Class. Actually there were only 9 contestants and most were variations on a Harley. I hate how effortless...
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    Rushing, tire plugs, and TPMS vs Mitas E07 failure

    This sidewall separation on a Mitas E07 rear happened last Thursday night and makes a good case for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). I was doing about 80 on a lonely divided highway in the dark when the phone mounted on the cross bar started to vibrate. Thought "that's not good" and...
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    How to find more recent posts

    A member asked about the ability to restrict a search to newer posts, since the forum does go back to 2011-2012. After close to 10 years of nearly the same bike, most of the bike related questions have been answered more than once. While the Xenforo forum software in the background won't filter...
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    2019 new rear wheel with wider flanges

    Notice how far it is from the spoke to the flange. I believe the flange is thicker in the new one as well. 2012 - 2018 2019
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    German safety bike video

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    Garmin InReach Mini