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    NYC Riders Check In

    Anyone in or around the NYC area? Speak up, lets get some rides going this season. Roman
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    Weekend road trip NYC to Lake Placid

    Hi Folks, Going on a weekend road trip NYC to Lake Placid with the wife. Looking for some route suggestions. Pavement only on this trip. Here is a route I came up with any suggestions on fun roads? Thanks
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    SOLD - Altrider rear luggare rack and Storm iM2600 case

    Got a full set of Bumot luggage so selling my Altrider rear luggage rack and Storm iM2600 case with backrest pad attached with velcro. Both the rack and the case have very minor scuff marks from use. The case is attached to the rack using a metal plate on the inside of the case and 6 bolts...
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    Bumot fitment with top case

    I'll be heading up to Webster, NY this weekend to pick up some Bumot panniers from Jason at Unfortunately, i wont be on the Tenere and wont be able to check fitment. I have a Storm iM2600 (21.20" x 16.00" x 8.30") case bolted to an Altrider rear rack. Wondering if the panniers...
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    Waynesville, NC Deals Gap Area

    Hi Folks, I'll be in Waynesville, NC for a week at the end of the month and will hopefully have the S10 with me. Looking for suggestions on where to ride. Of course I will hit the Dragon and Cherohala Skyway. Looking for other suggestions for both road and gravel routes. Here is what I've been...
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    Seven Lakes Dr. Harriman State Park

    White S10 with Yamaha cases, turning onto Seven Lakes Dr. heading south from the Rt. 6 traffic circle.
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    Winter Helmet

    Went riding in freezing weather the other day and had to keep the visor on the helmet cracked open to keep it from fogging up. Do the pin lock or dual pane visors really work to reduce/eliminate fogging? What works better pin lock or dual pane visor? What about breath boxes and the electric...
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    Trans Mass Trail this Sunday

    Me and a buddy will be riding the Trans Mass Trail north to south on Sunday. Both on S10's. Coming up from NYC on Saturday and camping for the night. All are welcome to join. Also looking for suggestions for a place to camp near the north end of the TMT. Roman
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    Northern TNJT on Sunday

    Going to check out the northern section of the TNJT this Sunday with fellow forum member "roman". We'll be starting from exit 19 on I-80 and heading north towards High Point State Park. All are welcome.
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    RAM X-Grip with wireless charging

    Got one of these Glued it to the X-grip mount and now can charge any phone with QI wireless charging without messing with wires. Can post a pic tonight if anyone is interested. Reason for this is that my S6 active is waterproof but likes to reboot...
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    NYC Area Riders

    Anyone from around the NYC area want to go for a ride this Sunday? I'll be riding to somewhere, don't have a route planned yet, leaving from Staten Island, NY. Roman
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    New guy in NYC

    Just finished the 600 mile service on my new 15 ES. This thing is amazing, especially coming from a KLR. If anyone around NYC wants to go for a ride let me know. Roman