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    What do you think will happen when the pot blows and inflation takes over?

    massive inflation is about to over come the USA , that's not going to help sell anyones motorcycle ..... I filled my truck with gas last week it cost me 25 dollars more to fill the truck over what it cost me in January ..... paid 3.70 a gallon yesterday and almost 45 dollars to fill my mustang...
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    wimberly Texas

    spotted a white Tenere parked near the square yesterday . rider was going through his pannier . a tall handsome young man he was .
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    dash (meter) failed on 2019 es

    bought this bike a few days past Christmas and here it is in late august with a touch over 1200 miles and a big failure . between work weather pandemic , I just haven't had a lot of time to ride . about a month ago started bike and I could barely read the right half of the "meter " (that's what...
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    new braunfels tx

    old dude riding down the street (alves ) , kinda like looking in the mirror as I am fast becoming an old dude. he turned right on Barbarossa. nice day for a ride if you can deal with the wind.
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    buda sighting

    sunday morning (sept.22) about 920 am spotted and waved at a pretty blue tenere at 1626 and 967 .
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    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    having wanted a dirt bike most of my life and now that the tenere is paid for , i'm shopping..... 2 stroke or 4 stroke that is the question ….. i'm not an expert dirt rider by any means but I want to learn to ride better , figure dirt is a good school . i'm really excited about KTM 300 xcw tpi...
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    Florence, another hell come to visit....

    all you east coast members I pray are moving to or are already in a safe place as this hurricane bares down on your lives. ya'll will be in my thoughts and prayers this week . it seems south Carolina is going to get the biggest pounding …. hang in there.
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    echo four romeo , gone on a greater adventure

    echo four romeo, a forum member has died. he passed away july 31 2017, a drunk driver took him out..... I write this now because I just found out about this a few days ago , about a year late.... I had the pleasure of meeting him once at a steak house gathering of tenere riders at Winchester...
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    ktm 690 is going away for a yamaha beating (T 7 ) ktm 790

    I'm thinking that this is the last year of the 690s production , once the 17s are gone there gone.... they are no longer listed on their website, just teasers on the 790 , which will be a vertical twin.... husky 701 got the improved motor that would be another clue....
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    hurricane harveys big blow

    as I type the heading ,Harvey ,a category 4 hurricane is about to make land fall.... it is subjecting millions of Texans to a nightmare of not knowing what is going to be their future , at least for the short term... some will lose everything they have, some may even lose their lives.... some of...
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    flying stinging ickey nasty crawling encounters of the buggy kind...

    got to be some stories out there .... what wasn't funny at the time sometimes is funny in retrospect... so ill start..... and since spring has sprung in central texas it going to be happening to some one soon... I like to ride with my visor open, some times you pay for that... two years ago in...
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    who went to moto gp in austin tx, april 10,11, and 12th.

    i got to go to my first moto gp at cota in austin tx, and i live just down the street about 20 miles.... i went friday , which the weather man lied, it was forecast to be 71 and a 20 percent chance of rain..... it was 57 and raining the first six hours.... cool seeing the bikes running in the...
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    surplus ammo cans for panniers

    has any one mounted 20mm ammo cans for panniers, and please tell us about it.
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    oww, bee between the eyes this morning. slow to put my visor down... :'(
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    a brand new owner

    hello from central texas, i have 200 miles on my Tenere,have had it 5 days is simply the best choice ive made in a long time(sorry honey). ive been lurking on this site for over a year, got my bike so thought i would join.