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  1. Jlq1969

    What is dash code 024 and 068 ?

    24 and 68….Oxigen sensor
  2. Jlq1969

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Another, anti-theft system: I was trying to think of some “safer” anti-theft system than the starter immobilizer, and the handlebar lock. These only have a "placebo" effect, we believe that they will not be able to steal it because they have these systems, but the reality and the different...
  3. Jlq1969

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    I don't have any pics of my S10 now, that's why I downloaded the ones I uploaded from the internet… ..but if the doubt was in the first pic…., yes, apparently it is a VMax of the first generation
  4. Jlq1969

    The anything thread.

  5. Jlq1969

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Taking advantage of the fact that the S10 has a central stand, you can choose this type as well. In fact I have one like this and it works perfect
  6. Jlq1969

    Not too bad is it? Another Italian bike...

    Cagiva bought the Italian Ducati, which later ended up in the hands of the Volkswagen group… ..But now it turns out that Mv Augusta (to get rid of the German group Mercedes Benz,equity partner ),is associated with Russian capitals and as it has the rights to the Cagiva Elefant …… then, using...
  7. Jlq1969

    S10 Discontinued?

    We would have to look at the other half of the glass half full. What if the S10 had never existed, and was presented this year, as it is, as a novelty in 2022 ... would we be candidates to buy it? ... would we perceive it as an "old" design? ... its lack of gadgets / electronics would be...
  8. Jlq1969

    My ST has a rattle sound

    The noise started "after" changing the cct? ... it sounds like a single valve hit. put a hose in your ear and try to "centralize" the noise in one place
  9. Jlq1969

    Pressure test a caliper

    is that we do not know, "why" you lost braking pressure, from "what action" that you performed, you lost braking pressure ... but, if you detached and turned the handlebar, the air in the container may have entered the pump ... and when operating the brake lever, "introduce" that air into the...
  10. Jlq1969

    Pressure test a caliper

    "It is probable" that the air bubble is closer to the pump than to the caliper. So, instead of pumping to get that bubble out through the caliper (since the ducts are downward, the bubble resists going down), try "backwards" ... remove the calipers, pump at once and stop. tap the pipe that...
  11. Jlq1969

    mates bike been stolen Cardiff

    the immobilizer, only makes you believe that you can leave her alone… ..until reality shows you otherwise
  12. Jlq1969

    The anything thread.

    from winner to loser in 50 seconds:)
  13. Jlq1969

    The anything thread.

    for some strange reason he does not move away from the ground ... I think he is afraid:)
  14. Jlq1969

    Problem with super tenere on the road? Looking for noise source

    It is a Gen1… need to take it to the technical ss…. the faults code are erased from the dashboard buttons….
  15. Jlq1969

    Problem with super tenere on the road? Looking for noise source

    start by discarding the cheapest and simplest, check the u joint of the shaft. if it has free play or lack of lubrication
  16. Jlq1969

    Cold engine RPM floating

    After ruling out vacuum leaks, I would try cleaning the throttle position sensor. the one on the left (throttle) side seems to work fine. the one on the right side (cold start, cruising speed), could be misreading the position where it really is. It seems that the fault is in a few rpm very...
  17. Jlq1969

    I feel like a Tenere archeologist.

    Yes, that is the problem with buying something used, you never know what strange system the previous owner installed.:)
  18. Jlq1969

    Compatible NGK Platinum Spark Plug CPR8EAGP-9 besides the stock CPR8EB-9

    The truth, I doubt that it will unscrew. you're right, putting a fixative glue on the thread could interfere with the electrical connection. The terminals that I put, are drilled in the tip, so I screwed them on well, and I put glue on the tip… .but I very much doubt that it will unscrew just...
  19. Jlq1969

    Compatible NGK Platinum Spark Plug CPR8EAGP-9 besides the stock CPR8EB-9

    NGK did not create the cpr8 IX for the S10. surely they designed it for another engine with "less" vibrations, that is why it comes from the factory with a threaded terminal. Just look for a repair shop, ask for 4 discarded spark plugs .... take out the terminal, and use Loctite