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  1. JJTJ2

    Considering a Super Tenere for my next bike

    Hello from Missouri. I went from a Honda NC700DCT to the S10 and I had no issues with the transition. Once the bike starts moving the weight goes away and I would say it feels the same as the NC700. The bike does have a high and low seat setting and some have put lowering links on their bike...
  2. JJTJ2

    ST owner

    Welcome to the clan. The S10 is a great bike.
  3. JJTJ2

    New ST owner!

    Missouri welcomes you to the fold. I rode through Omaha at the end of July. Use to live in Bellevue back in the mid 70's.
  4. JJTJ2

    Tenere rider in trouble

    I don't know much but I am going to go with water got into the gas station's tank and thus ended up in your tank. It wouldn't take long for the water to make its way to the engine.... you might not have made it out of the parking lot before it died.
  5. JJTJ2

    Getting sucked in by the 'ADV tractor beam'..

    Welcome from central Missouri. Also an engineer here. I worked all the ins and out in comparison with other bikes. I can't say I settled on the Tenere because it was an easy decision.
  6. JJTJ2

    HELP NEEDED trying to find auxillary lights for under headlight

    This is what I installed
  7. JJTJ2

    Hello from Hawaii!

    Welcome from Missouri. I attended Aliamanu Elementary School in Honolulu a long long time a go. I did go back and visit a couple of years ago. Great memories!
  8. JJTJ2

    Black Hills Yamaha Super Tenere Rendezvous July 22nd - 25th, 2021 - Custer Crazy Horse Campground, Custer SD

    How do you carry this on your bike to keep it from puncturing the tube and making a mess?
  9. JJTJ2

    Fuzeblock Under Seat

    I have an ES. I have the Safe Turn automatic cancelling turn signals so I ran everything in the black conduit to hide the wires.
  10. JJTJ2

    Poll: Do you own a Super Tenere? Post a picture.

    It sure looks like the other half of the bridge in the background is gone.
  11. JJTJ2

    IBR 2021

    The winner was on the Hayabusa. I have never ridden one but I am guessing that was an uncomfortable ride
  12. JJTJ2

    TB sync difficulty

    If you have the multi lined version of the Digisync, did you leave them open or did you plug them off? According to what I remember reading on the Digisync they have to be left open for it to read accurately
  13. JJTJ2

    Black Hills Yamaha Super Tenere Rendezvous July 22nd - 25th, 2021 - Custer Crazy Horse Campground, Custer SD

    That is a great question. I think we have been throwing orders out on what we want but I don't know if anybody has picked up the ball and run with it. Page 11 has some art work for a t-shirt and sticker by another member named Gunner and that is what got the ball rolling. As far as an...
  14. JJTJ2

    IBR 2021

    I like that they have posted the leg one bonus listing. I can now see why some of the riders scattered while others seamed to ride the same routes. Is the bonus points the only way to determine the winners or does the mileage play a part in it for efficiency, such as maximum points/mile?
  15. JJTJ2

    Tire Mounting Cost

    I can understand if we didn't by the tires from them, but I would have hoped that buying the tires from them they would have cut a deal on mounting. If we had the time it would almost be worth driving to NYC to have your friend do it. Even if he charged me $100/tire, I would rather him have it...
  16. JJTJ2

    Tire Mounting Cost

    His mechanical skills are non existent and that is on a good day. So this will be on the bike.
  17. JJTJ2

    Tire Mounting Cost

    My son is needing a new set of shoes for his bike. He called and got a quote for a set of Michelin Road 5's for front and rear. He also got a quote for a set of Dunlop Trail Smart 3's. The tires were about what I was expecting. What I wasn't expecting was an additional quote of $200 to mount...
  18. JJTJ2

    IBR 2021

    I wish when you clicked on the rider, it would show you their tracks history. I would like to see where they have been.