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  1. MIKE R

    Trade up or expand the fleet?

    Got these and these from resin4bike on UK eBay They (and many others) are made by in Italy I was put onto these by Bimota Mike
  2. MIKE R

    Trade up or expand the fleet?

    Was it me? Mike
  3. MIKE R

    Considering a Super Tenere for my next bike

    All I can suggest is that you test ride the S10 again They are big, heavy bikes especially when loaded with luggage. Although the weight disappears when you get going you need to try some low speed manoeuvres. I think you will be OK if you can flat foot. The S10 is certainly lower than the...
  4. MIKE R

    Trade up or expand the fleet?

    I had a '15 plate S10 with electronic suspensions showing 47k miles Although it was immaculate it needed a major service (valve checks etc) and new tyres. It also had an intermittent misfire which I think could have been a coil stick(s) The excellent independent mechanic I've been using for a...
  5. MIKE R

    Anyone using a windshield bag?

    Smallest Givi tanklock tank bag does it for me I think it holds about 5 ltrs and looks bigger in the picture than real life Mike
  6. MIKE R

    Fuel shortages in the UK?

    I came back from Spain on Friday. Filled up in Santander but I knew I was about 80m short of getting home with my tank range Needn't have worried. Most petrol stations were open and filled up near Bristol 9 (pity I had to pay motorway prices though) Got home no problem Mike
  7. MIKE R

    Hello from the uk

    Welcome from Lancashire Where abouts in the UK are you? Mike
  8. MIKE R

    ABS warning at various speeds

    Late to the party but I think your problem originated from the 'power cutter' A few years ago whilst on tour I had the abs light randomly flashing on and off. Then the bike was difficult to start at a petrol station. It turned out to be a loose connection on the negative battery terminal (my...
  9. MIKE R

    Hello from Spain

    Many thanks for that I'm a big fan of 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' (been to the Western Town near Almeria many years ago) but didn't know I was so near to Sand Hill Cemetery Hope to be back in Spain next year. Enjoy the Balkans, I certainly did Mike
  10. MIKE R

    Hello from Spain

    Greetings from Lancashire I was in your rough area two weeks ago.......Staying in Soria, Segovia, Guadalupe (via Escorial) before riding up to the Zamora area and then the Picos. Love Toledo! Riding through France to Spain next Friday but staying in north. I think the furthest south we will...
  11. MIKE R

    New Member from Essex, UK

    Welcome aboard! Mike
  12. MIKE R

    New member from North Wales

    Hi today from sunny (today at least) Lancashire
  13. MIKE R

    brake pedal height lowering

    I found out the hard way. The brake pedal was lowered just before Winter set in a few years ago so when I rode the bike in Spring it took a bit of head scratching to work out why the CC wasn't working! Mike
  14. MIKE R

    What frames are these?

    Those are Givi Trekker 46ltr which most people use as a top box When I had Trekkers on my S10 I used 33ltr panniers with a 46ltr as a top box Worked really well although I later changed to Outbacks Mike
  15. MIKE R

    Back In The Saddle

    Nice bike....quite a find Welcome back Mike
  16. MIKE R

    Custom paint?

    Loved the appearance of my previous white one and my new grey bike is slowly growing on me Mike
  17. MIKE R

    Fender Extender Attachment

    Back to the original question I removed the mudguard 9simple job), drilled it and used these to hold the mud flap in place Works for me Mike
  18. MIKE R

    UK Super Owner

    Best Wishes from Lancashire Mike
  19. MIKE R

    Hello from UK

    My riding area. I wonder if we have met? Just sold this bike (for another S10, but I had it for 5 years) Mike