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  1. biting_point

    Show Us Your Panniers

    Here's mine finally!!
  2. biting_point

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    I finally got my setup done.. more photos at my url..
  3. biting_point

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Sawasdee Krup!! Welcome to the S10 family.. Hope to meet you when I ride up to Thailand end of this year.. I can speak Thai..
  4. biting_point

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Definitely a different bike.. mine's black, the one resting was grey.. I just took out the triples, subframe, brake lever and rear caliper brace for powdercoating.. My page got more details..
  5. biting_point

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Tried to pick up my Tenere at bikeshop.. but it's still in pieces..!! my page for more info!!
  6. biting_point

    Super Tenere Crashes Compilation!!

    Well, show us your proud crashes.. Rider was the one in Superman tee.. That gave him some resistance against the pain he having.. He's well and bike is still fully capable of being ridden home.. Super Ten is one tough arse bike!! This one happens few weeks ago.. Bike only ended up with...
  7. biting_point

    Pitch thread size of banjo bolt

    Anyone knows if Super Ten's Banjo bolts are in pitch thread 1mm or 1.25mm?? Thanks many..
  8. biting_point

    Removing the round Yamaha badges?

    interesting.. I'm actually planning to remove them to carbon fibre-nize them! do post some photos if you managed to pull the ones at the sides out!! ::026::
  9. biting_point

    Is anyone regularly hitting or breaking 200 miles or more per tank?

    i managed to get 361kms before the reserve light start blinking.. one of our buddy managed this range too..
  10. biting_point

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Hero2 came in to replace the Hero.. Better video quality!!
  11. biting_point

    Check the hose clamps on your cooling system..

    I'm working out with my dealer of Samco hoses in Singapore to send a set of OEM hoses for Samco (UK) to fabricate.. Let's hope this set will be ready soon.. of cuz it'll be sold with Samco clamps.. I just love my hoses to be coloured..
  12. biting_point

    Drive Shaft And Brake Covers Now Fitted (World Crosser Style)

    you can order them at Ebay.. just ordered the brake cover.. hope this time Royal mail dun take too long to reach my country!!!
  13. biting_point

    Arrow Header advantage

    Absolutely!! Before the header, the Akrapovic can sounds just slightly louder and bassier than OEM.. Now with the Arrow Header, its growls perfect!! Besides power, it also looks nicer compared to your dull blacken OEM headers.. Mine got a blue tinted after I high rev it after installation..
  14. biting_point

    Pelican Based Luggage System Questions

    Thanks for the heads up.. He's not been answering my emails.. I'll get the time differece figured out and call him..
  15. biting_point

    Pelican Based Luggage System Questions

    wasnt able to contact Roger for the past 2weeks... any idea is he selling the improved version of H&B lock-it side racks that allows aftermarket exhausts like Akrapovic..
  16. biting_point

    HB Skidplate (mounted) pics

    ::022:: Nice photos!! K60s are indeed grippy for a 50/50!!
  17. biting_point

    Holan panniers

    Holan looks good.. I'm in search of a set of side panniers.. Any idea how these cases are mounted? Side and top? The website doesnt really show it..
  18. biting_point

    Jesse Bags....Odyssey II's vs. Safari II's - what to buy?

    Well, sad to say people in my country and neighbor are attracted to physical product.. When it's in sight, it's very attractive to itchy hands.. One of my riding bud just got his helmet snatched days ago at a petrol station.. Plus the weather here is rain rain and more rain!! Would anyone...
  19. biting_point

    Jesse Bags....Odyssey II's vs. Safari II's - what to buy?

    Any idea about the Safari 11" then?