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  1. yoyo

    Calling all clean freaks.

    I have to say I'm far happier riding my bike than cleaning it but I do make sure it gets a half decent clean at the end of the summer before I give it a good coat of ACF50 using a spray gun. Thw bit I'm struggling with is the wheel hubs, between the spokes, I've got brushes of different sizes...
  2. yoyo

    Realising how good it really is.

    I took the wife's Fazer 600 out for a spin yesterday. Riding something else makes you realise just how good the S10 really is. The wind noise was horrendous even with my custom earplugs in, I'm not going to lie, having airflow into my lid and slightly unzipped jacket was nice but as for the...
  3. yoyo

    Today around 3pm A4215 Defynnog

    Anyone here out today on the road between Libanus and Defynnog on a silver S10? I was out with a couple of pupils going the opposite way. Sent from my ELE-L29 using Tapatalk
  4. yoyo

    Zumo XT Question

    I bought a Zumo XT last weekend and it's great, I didn't have any issues connecting it to my Huawei phone and headset but I've noticed in most review videos that there are 2 connections shown in the Zumo, one for the phone and a separate one for Smartphone Notifications, I don't have the second...
  5. yoyo

    Rusty Flange!

    So this is one for the clean freaks and detailers out there. As we've gone back into lockdown and the bike isn't going to be used for a bit I'm going to change the coolant and paint the rusty coolant pipe. I've polished the headers but the flanges that bolt the headers on look awful. What can...
  6. yoyo

    Today in Sennybridge

    Anyway touring Wales 2up on a grey S10? Spotted on just outside Sennybridge at 1pm ish today. Sent from my ELE-L29 using Tapatalk
  7. yoyo

    Black S10 and White T7

    Saw a Black S10 being followed by a white T7 just outside Machynlleth this morning, anyone on here? Sent from my ELE-L29 using Tapatalk
  8. yoyo

    Clutch switch

    I was just sitting on the bike making broom broom noises (still on lockdown in Wales and I've a bad back so can't ride anyway) and I noticed there appears to be two switch positions on the clutch switch. If you lightly pull the lever a switch quickly engages which I assume is to unset the cruise...
  9. yoyo

    Engine needs painting

    While my 2016 bike was under warranty I needed to have the engine painted, the paint looked really thin and easily came off when an air line was used to dry the bike. The dealer painted the engine and it looked ok but 2yrs later it now looks like the pic attached (1 with flash and it 1 without)...
  10. yoyo

    Yoshimura RS4 baffle retaining bolt.

    I have a Yoshi RS4 (as pictured), I've lost the bolt that holds the end cap and baffle in, I've tried a couple of metric bolts and either the thread is stripped or it's an imperial thread, does anyone know for sure what bolt size is used? If it's stripped if got no chance or tapping a new...
  11. yoyo

    Medical advice (bike related)

    Over the past year I've been suffering stabbing pains and a burning sensation in my right foot when riding, it comes on after around an hour or so, starts as a tingle in my toes, then painful stabbing, then burning, it passes after a minute or so but as the day goes on it becomes more frequent...
  12. yoyo

    Screen cleaning

    Hi, After a lovely 1,600 mile tour my screen is filthy, I've cleaned off most of the mess but I want to give it a good polish, what do you use to polish your screen? I'm in the UK so it'll need to be something I can get over here! Thanks
  13. yoyo

    What tools to take

    So I'm going on my first tour next week, only 5 days from South Wales to Scotland. There's a large group of us going and all staying in hotels so no camping gear. What I'd like to know is what tools should I be taking? I don't have the stock tool kit on the bike as I used the space for a home...
  14. yoyo

    Tire Direction

    I picked up my rear wheel after my local bike garage fitted a new Bridgestone A41 but I'm sure his fitted it the wrong way around, I'm guessing the arrow on the side shows the direction of rotation? I've attached a couple of pics. The first one shows the arrow and the brake disc, the second...
  15. yoyo

    PMR Radio to Bluetooth

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone out there can help with a problem I'm trying to solve. I'm an advanced instructor and use PMR radio's to talk to pupils, I've got a great Autocom setup with a radio that fits under the seat (just!) but the cable to the headset is getting on my nerves and I'd like to...
  16. yoyo

    3 Super Tens in Llandovery!

    I was passed by a race blue on the way to Llandovery today around 3.30pm and there was a Blue one parked up outside the West End cafe which then turned up in the Glan Usk fuel station, have me a nod then spun around and headed back to Llandovery. Anyone from here? Sent from my SM-G930F using...
  17. yoyo

    White S10 Red engine bars

    Was out and about yesterday and a white S10 with red engine bars went past me in Llandovery, anyone on here? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  18. yoyo

    Warranty Claims

    I guess this is something for the UK members. My warranty is up on the 29th of April, I've spoken to the dealer about condensation in the clocks but the dealer is charging for labour to assess the claim and send pics to Yamaha for consideration, is this normal practise? The condensation is...
  19. yoyo

    Turn Signal flasher relay

    This is one from the UK to our friends over the pond, I hear your turn signals (indicators as we like to call them!) stay lit and only flash when you activate them, I like that look and would like to have mine the same. I thought there might have been a legal issue but the Africa Twin has them...
  20. yoyo

    Oxford Heated Grips, poor performance

    I fitted Oxford Premium Adventure grips last week. I have to say I was really disappointed in their performance, I know they have an intelligent controller but I run them through my aux fuse box with a 10A fuse but at 100% they just felt luke warm when on the move. Today I fitted them directly...