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  1. Thrasherg

    hello from Texas

    Didn’t réalisé there where so many, it’s actually the one in Grapevine, this is the Address: 201 W State Hwy 114, Grapevine, TX 76051 Gary
  2. Thrasherg

    hello from Texas

    Welcome to the club, in case you aren’t aware of it, there is a Facebook group and a web group called two wheeled Texans, and they meet the first Tuesday of every month at boomer jacks in Fort Worth at 7:00pm. There are a couple of us with Tenere’s but it’s a great bunch of guys...
  3. Thrasherg

    Hello from Nice ( France )

    Welcome to the club, I lived in Valbonne for 10 years before moving to the USA.. hope you enjoy the Super Tenere, they are great bikes.. Gary
  4. Thrasherg

    French police on the Super Ténéré

    You can see the flashing lights reflect in the screen, so it was definitely a police motorcycle and it had the flashing lights turned on, no idea about the siren.
  5. Thrasherg

    plug in the groove- would you replace?

    If you used a mushroom plug, I would ride it u til the tyre wore out. I have plugged several tyres in my 40+ years of motorcycling and never had an issue with a plug, so I consider it a fairly safe option.. A new tyre would be best, but I personally have no issues running on a plugged tyre, as...
  6. Thrasherg


    As James said, what happened to that? You can probably buy a new rim not too expensive and re-lace the wheel, but it’s a lot of work..
  7. Thrasherg

    UK Super Owner

    Another welcome from Texas, although I am originally from Milton Keynes, moved to the USA 18 years ago.. hope you enjoy the bike, have had mine 3 years and still love riding it on the road or light dirt/gravel. Gary
  8. Thrasherg

    Gen2 instrument panel bolts

    Okay peeps, I have a gen 2 super tenere and the 4 allen bolts on the corners of the instrument panel have started to go rusty and look nasty. I went to Yamaha to order 4 new screws but they only come with the complete fascia ($150). I unscrewed one of them and hey are a course self taping screw...
  9. Thrasherg

    Handlebar risers

    Hi peeps, I have a gen 2 super Tenere and I have handlebar risers, they raise the bars about an inch but they also move the bars backwards by 1.5 inches. I am getting a lot of shoulder pain and it feels like if the bars where further forward it would be better for me. Does anyone sell a riser...
  10. Thrasherg

    What communicator do you have for the rally?

    Do let us know how the cardo compare to the Sena 20’s, I have had Sena 10’s and now I have four Sena 20’s Evo s (mine, my wife and two daughters). I always have issues getting the senas to work in a group with music, etc and want to change to cardo, but have so much invested in the Sean’s I...
  11. Thrasherg

    Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum, Warwick, OK

    Never seen or heard of a Hercules, guessing it’s a wankel engine looking at the picture and the emblem on the front of the engine..
  12. Thrasherg

    Tyre puncture prevention

    I was surprised to see that he tested the plugs strength by pushing the plug back into the tyre, I thought the reason the permenant repair and the mushroom repair are their shape was to prevent the air pressure inside the tyre from forcing the bung out? Not to stop them from being pushed back...
  13. Thrasherg

    Pics of Seat Concepts foam vs OEM.

    I sent my seat to seat concepts so never got to compare the foam bases directly. I love the seat concept, the thing that surprised me and I can’t really see from your pictures is that the front of the seat is about an inch higher than the stock seat. With the stock seat i constantly slipped...
  14. Thrasherg

    Capacitor as emergency battery backup?

    I would be looking for someway to temporarily connect an external battery pack to your bike rather than a capacitor, thebattery will be far more forgiving and practical than a capacitor and will probably run the engine for longer..
  15. Thrasherg

    Dashboard noise - road bumps, tried solutions discussed

    I’m really sorry, but this was 3 years ago and I don’t recall what I did! I guess that if you get access to the rear of the speedo unit you will see the three mounting bolts and can probably see how to add a couple of washers to compress the rubber grommits a bit to reduce the movement, but I...
  16. Thrasherg

    2014 brake switch recall

    Maxim Honda in Plano just did the recall on my 2015 and seem to have done a good job.. still a bit of a haul for you, but possible. They did it whilst I wanted, took about 3p minutes.
  17. Thrasherg

    Safety recall notice received - Front brake switch

    But the 1st generation doesn’t have cruise control, so why would this recall affect them?
  18. Thrasherg

    Safety recall notice received - Front brake switch

    well my dealer just called me to say the replacement switch part is in, I just need to turn up and they will change it, still adamant its only a 20 minute task!! Weather has turned quite cold so will wait a week or two before going (I am a wimp!) waiting for it to get a bit warmer (currently...
  19. Thrasherg

    Safety recall notice received - Front brake switch

    My local dealer said it’s a 20 minute operation to swap the switch, apparently it involves one screw, so I think they can manage that without messing too much up.. we will see, they ordered the rep switch and will setup an appointment when the part arrives.
  20. Thrasherg

    Front brake light switch/cruise issue

    Mine is a 2015 ES and I received the recall letter from Yamaha..