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  1. pilleway

    I'm new here and a bit lost.

    Welcome from Mexico! may find many ways to do the job. This forum is well known for support and recomendations. You got to the right and best forum.
  2. pilleway


    Welcome from Mexico!, the bike looks to be in a very good shape! how many miles? looks great! Congratulations.
  3. pilleway

    2012 S10 for sale in Ocklawaha,FL

    Congratulations! I'm 66, very young, I'm looking to keep riding for a while! I just love it!
  4. pilleway

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    I thought that my cars were in my garage, for sure someone had taken them with out a notice!!
  5. pilleway

    2012 S10 for sale in Ocklawaha,FL

    Hard desition!, but I will be sure that there should be too many and very interesting stories you can share! If the bike could talk for sure more stories too. Love to hear some! My best regards.
  6. pilleway

    New to ADV Bikes and ready to start learning...

    Welcome from Mexico. For sure the S10 will take wherever you want! you will love it!
  7. pilleway

    New ST owner!

    Welcome from Mexico!
  8. pilleway

    ST owner

    Hi from Mexico! YES! one more 2013 bike like mine! It is great! You will love it.
  9. pilleway

    Considering a Super Tenere for my next bike

    Welcome from Mexico. regarding issues on slow speed or cruise speed, what has help me a lot is to practice differente slow maneuvers as tought in You Tube, many great videos to learn from and then go and practices as much as you can in a empty parking lot. Practice, Practice, Practice and...
  10. pilleway

    Considering a 2013 Super Tenere

    Hi from Mexico! I own a 2013 and I love it! My recomendation is that you take as manydriving courses you can to assure you develop the skills to drive safe every time you are riding your bike.
  11. pilleway

    Hi From The Fort

    Welcome from Mexico, Yes XT it is a great machine!
  12. pilleway

    New Member from Minneapolis

    hi, welcome from Mexico! for sure seats is a topic all around and very personal, some seat works for some and not for others. I being working to have a more confortable seat and still working.
  13. pilleway

    Looking for a Super Tenere Rear wheel assembly.

    Hi, I got the rear wheel asm and looks very good, has a Metzeller tire and looks good, I do not say very good because has a little deformation in the edge of the wheel, looks it had a hit but even is much better than the wheel I do have, so it looks for sure an improvement and away from a safety...
  14. pilleway

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    It was a great trip. gv550 is correct, a friend gave me those panniers from and old BMW he had and I work them out to put the Yamaha logo and made the installation in my bike, I can remove them if needed. I like the way I end up with them. Regards
  15. pilleway

    New Member from Houston, TX

    Welcome from Mexico. I do have a 2013 too and just love it! great and reliable machine!
  16. pilleway

    Dunedin, FL, USA

    Welcome from Mexico, great bike! you will love it!
  17. pilleway


    Welcome from Mexico, S10 it is RELIABLE!!! I had mine for 3 years now and every time I take it to the road I enjoy it very much.
  18. pilleway

    New member

    Welcome from Mexico.
  19. pilleway

    Hi from Northern CA

    Hi from Mexico!