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  1. Ramseybella

    Gen II Dashboards any interest?

    Thinking of having another batch made, haven't talked to my machinist yet to see if he has an opening or a new price per unit. Just wondering if there is a dozen or more still interested?
  2. Ramseybella

    It's been awhile, any interest in Gen-2 Dash infills?

    Just putting the feelers out and get some numbers together and see if it's worth another batch.
  3. Ramseybella

    After market slip on with no mid pipe elbow to lower exhaust?

    After market slip on with no mid pipe elbow to lower exhaust? A friend gave me a after market no name sport muffler that he was going to install on his Tenere, but sold the bike. It didn't come with the extension mid pipe elbow it has spring clips and it slips on. Now I could cut off the elbow...
  4. Ramseybella

    Anyone getting out or at least ready to break out?

    Found a place to camp last week was great to get out and watch the stars....
  5. Ramseybella

    Gen II Dashboards!! SOLD OUT!!?

    SOLD OUT!! Will i be making more? That all depends on demand. I was not happy with the long wait we had to go through with my machinist. It caused problems.
  6. Ramseybella

    SOLD!! Used Cabela's XPG 2 person tent W/ 16" DAC Featherlite poles.

    Used Cabela's XPG 2 person tent. This tent was used little by the looks of it was sold at a estate sale. It's a great tent with a repair see photo of tent body, apparently the owner had a candle lantern in the tent and melted a hole in the side. I repaired it with proper material and a elastic...
  7. Ramseybella

    Gen II Dash boards!! SOLD OUT!!?

    Gen II Dash boards i have 5 for sale. SOLD OUT!! Will i be making more? That all depends on demand. I was not happy with the long wait we had to go through with my machinist. It caused problems.
  8. Ramseybella

    Another Jet Boil knock off 1L model Monoprice deal.

    This one is 1L size the old 1.8L is $15.00 more, still a good deal. My 1.8L is still kicking.. Thing is their not offering the extra pot stand attachment like they did when i bought the 1.8L a few years back. Haven't found a Promo code for discount. 1L>...
  9. Ramseybella

    Another inexpensive Jet boil knock off..

    Another inexpensive Jet boil knock off.. But then the seller from China has ZERO feedback, so beware.
  10. Ramseybella

    Weird stuff happened tonight?

    As some of you know that i had my harness replaced and it solved the high low and stall issue for close to a year. Tonight riding home temp was around 35 to 33 45 miles home, went into the store for about half hour. Came out tried to start it and the engine light comes on and starter starts...
  11. Ramseybella

    New batch Gen 2 Dashboard infills // Last one sold..

    New batch Gen 2 Dashboard infills 12 ready to go. Had to up the price to $37.00 shipping and price for production has gone up. Lower 48 states is free shipping all others please contact me with address. my Paypal is please use friends and family payment and note with your...
  12. Ramseybella

    Who needs Gen 2 dash boards still?

    I can get more made but need at least 10 to 12 to keep the cost down.. Give me the heads up.. $35.00 free shipping U.S. Pete It's unfinished bare aluminum with the mounting holes already punched out. They have been sold by a couple members for over 3 years.
  13. Ramseybella

    Just for the fun of it? WTF?

    And one more for the reason i don't ride crotch rockets anymore.. Nice recovery action..
  14. Ramseybella

    Full Bore tire mileage to Shinko 705's?

    Recently i ordered a Shinko 705 from Ebay they sent me a Full bore. I figured it looks like the 705 but as some pointed out the tread is deeper and a little wider. So to the point being i have been using 705's for years the Full bore actually out lasted the Shinko by about 2000 miles. I'm at 7k...
  15. Ramseybella

    Anybody know what JaimeV's been up to?

    I know he moved on but anyone know how he's doing and what he's been fiddling with? The man had some awesome Yamaha Tenere's for sure. ::026::
  16. Ramseybella

    Gen 1 Dashboards. $35.00.. GEN 1 & 2 SOLD OUT.

    Gen 1&2 Dashboards i have a small batch of both with mounting holes. Price is $35.00 Shipped U.S. over seas buyer an additional shipping cost will be added after i receive an address to get a USPS price.. Paypal or Money orders. I have 8 Gen1 and 6 Gen2 at this time.. Precision Water jet...
  17. Ramseybella

    After Market Exhaust slip ons?

    Anyone have any experience with the cheap alternative Universal Motorcycle Bike slip on Exhaust Muffler Pipes?
  18. Ramseybella

    Good price for rear rotor?

    Needing a new rear disc rotor soon, who sells at the lowest price?
  19. Ramseybella

    >>SOLD<< Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Cot Tent W inner Bug Net - XL NEW!!

    Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Cot Tent W inner Bug Net - XL NEW Without tags or box. NOTE>>> THIS IS NOT AN REI RETURN OR A DEFECT ITEM, COT NOT INCLUDED> This is a new system never been used clean and ready for use. Blue and Grey with what you see poles, pegs sacks fly and inner bug screen tent...
  20. Ramseybella

    Breaking in time longer that one may think.

    I have read how it takes the Tenere a few thousand miles if not at least ten thousand + to truly be broken in. I find this to be an honest assessment. As i was riding home today as i do everyday unless it's snowing and i mean hard. I thought to myself how this bike just feels perfect and...