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  1. heberhog

    muscle bike

    when I was a teenager the V65 Magna was the bike I wanted.. It just did it for me... until the V-Max came out.. I haven't ever pulled the trigger on any type of muscle bike before but lately have circled back around to wanting one again. the new V-Max 1700 cc came out in 2009 I believe and...
  2. heberhog

    morning musing

    It's been a while since I have rode the Tenere, other things have taken precedence, so I figured this morning I would ride to work. Temps were mid 50's and it's supposed to be in the 80's this afternoon. My ride is only 15 miles so not too far but enough to have time to think. I grew up in...
  3. heberhog

    Condolences for our New Zealand brothers

    for those of you that are from New Zealand our hearts go out to you for the tragic shootings that have happened there. Ride safe brothers
  4. heberhog

    Action camera's

    I'm interested in getting an action camera and would like to know others thoughts. i have had the gopro before but it's pretty old and not sure i want to go back to it. What does everyone use and why?
  5. heberhog

    new Tenere owner in Utah

    just bought a 2017 Tenere yesterday. been jonesing for one for a while and finally pulled the trigger. looking forward to enjoy this bike to the fullest!