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    Michelin Road 5 Trail

    Michelin have just launched a new road oriented tyre, to replace the PR4. The Super10 is said to be accomodated from launch with a Trail edition, but I expect it will be several months in practice. See ...
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    Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE

    I thought any Kawasaki fans out there might be interested in this vid posted yesterday by - Looked impressive when I sat on one at the UK Bike Show a couple of weeks back. Availability, probably March 2018, but be...
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    France - Crit D'Air Emissions Certificates

    Anyone travelling through France, whose route takes them into/near Paris, Grenoble or Lyon needs to aquaint themselves with the new French LEZ rules. It's another PITA scheme for us to get our heads around, for fear of being robbed legally during our travels, which came into effect in January &...
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    Free Valve Technology

    Has anyone seen this vid by Koenigsegg. Doesn't delve deep, for obvious reasons, but interesting tech I thought. Wouldn't it be nice to do away with the cams/cam chain. I'm not clear about valve clearance issues, could be automated...
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    President Elect Trump

    Congratulations to Donald Trump, indeed the whole Trump Team. Despite the problems during her campaign, I had Hillary down to win, but my wife was spot on. She reckoned, like we saw with Brexit over here, that the disadvantaged folk in the 'Rust Belt' coupled with a disconnect in Florida, would...
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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NOW SOLD ~~~~~~~~~~~~ GIVI Trekker Monokey TRK46N - can be used as Top Box or Side Case. This ad is for the Box only which, whilst used, is in excellent condition aside from one tiny dent on the front offside alloy corner (if imagined as being a mounted top box). One key only...
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    ALDI UK - Special Deals on Biking Gear

    Spring cometh, sometime soon maybe, so Aldi are doing various specials on Biking gear wef Sunday 20 March. Try < > For instance, the Garmin 340LM WE SatNav - now superceded, but £200 with a mounting kit & LT maps sounds fair (RRP c £350). Boots £30, Gloves £20, Wets, Base layers...
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    Is anyone out there caught up in the Blizzards running up the East Coast USA? Looks like it's the base layer of ice that is the real problem. Never seen pics of DC so quiet. Keep safe folks ..................... KEN
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    BMW - new HUD Helmet

    Have we got any aviators out there who have tried one of these HUD helmets in the Military? Poor old BMW, seem to be looking for some new toys to excite us with. Laser headlights...
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    GIVI SRA2101 Monokey Rack ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now SOLD

    Givi SRA 2101 alloy rear rack for sale - allows fitment of all Givi/Kappa Monokey top boxes. ~~~~~ Now SOLD Good condition, silver alloy finish, with fitting kit. Looks very neat on the bike. These racks carry a load warning of 6Kg/13Lbs as they use the original Yamaha under-pinnings, whereas...
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    GIVI T483 Tank Bag ~~~~~~~~~ NOW SOLD

    I have a lightly used Givi T483 Tank Bag for sale, as I have moved on to a Baglux/Bagster set-up. This is the Givi Silver Enduro Tank Bag - fits the S10/GS & many others with a single fuel cap. Comes complete with a rain cover & tank bra. This was the premium quality bag from Givi & includes a...
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    New VOZZ Helmet Design

    Has anyone seen or tried one of these yet? Maybe one of the guys from Australia? Seems like a good idea from the Aussies, but I wonder if it will seem claustrophobic, particularly when worn with the dark visor. The general youtube reaction seems to...
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    Corporate Terminology Definitions

    Just a bit of light amusement, mainly for those of you who who have worked in a large Corporate Office/Government. The first definition made me think of 2112 aka Bryan's tag line ;D *TESTICULATING. Waving your arms around and talking bollocks. *BLAMESTORMING. Sitting round in a group...
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    Triumph Explorer 2017

    Here in the UK, MCN reckon they have got lowdown on the re-vamp of the TEX. I was amazed to see the supposed sales success of the existing model, or is it a case of damned statistics again. Interesting...
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    Givi WP405 Saddlebags

    Has anyone tried the Givi Hi-Viz WP405 saddlebags - waterproof soft bags with a submersible style roll top design, they are a similar idea to Ortleib. I'm thinking about these for next season on my XT1200ZE, as I am not keen on hard luggage on the sides - trouble is they really need frames to...
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    Newbie from Bedfordshire

    Collected my new ride yesterday, an ex-demo March 2014 ZE, from Laguna Maidstone. Traded in my 2012 Versys1000 - nice enough bike, but front end always a bit vague for my taste, although better with Metz Z8s. Good ride back around the M25, with SWMBO on the pillion & around 20 miles of slow...