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  1. AVGeek

    DAKAR “Tenere 450” racing, like the T7?

    I had the same thought as well, when I saw "TENERE" plastered on the sides of the bikes where you couldn't miss it!
  2. AVGeek

    Insurance Co. recommendation

    I will never ever use State Farm again. They hung me out to dry on a collision in which my wife was the first of four vehicles hit by an underinsured driver, who by the way had a suspended license. I figure it cost me about $20K by the time it was all said and done for something that was 100%...
  3. AVGeek

    SOLD! Yamaha wind wings -- 2012 Tenere $60 Includes Shipping

    Hi Michael, please be sure to post up a picture of the actual items for sale.
  4. AVGeek


    No snow here, its a very rare occurrence (last happened in 2008), but we do have ice on the sidewalks where the sprinklers overflow, and the other day Las Vegas NV was colder than Anchorage AK :eek:
  5. AVGeek

    Brand new member!

    Welcome aboard! If you need any help with the forum , feel free to reach out to myself or Checkswrecks. For the wiring on the Gen 1 bike (like your 2012), there are two harnesses tucked back,usually near the tool roll. The 4 pin is for the optional heated grip kit. It came with a very large...
  6. AVGeek

    Off road riders opinions

    You mean this one for Yamalube?
  7. AVGeek

    Factory Service Manual on CD

    My memory is that Yamaha never offered the FSM for sale to the public in any format other than the published book. Dealers were able to order the FSM on CD, and that may be what is for sale on the auction site, but in terms of having the right to sell it, I don't know where they would have...
  8. AVGeek

    Search engine can't search five letter words???

    There is always the option of searching from Google as well. Just type in the search term followed by "site:", and it usually returns the best hots. I did this with "T-Rex" and the first thread in the results page was the thread about the skid plate, followed by this one.
  9. AVGeek

    Help: OEM heated grip issue

    The OEM kit for the Gen 1 bikes was a completely stand alone system, similar to the Oxford grips. It had that large dial for control, so its possible that there is a short there, shunting all of the current to the left hand grip, and none to the right hand grip.
  10. AVGeek

    Motorcycle Posters, Artwork, Events...

    This one right here...I think my wife might be cutting onions again...
  11. AVGeek

    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    Well you know we’re just going to start calling your bike Godzilla!
  12. AVGeek

    ridng gear gerbing arai nolan boots

    Please be sure to post pictures of the actual items for sale, as per the rules. If you need help, let Checkswrecks or I know!
  13. AVGeek

    Skid Plate that I couldn't find any info on................ I bought one! ( T-Rex Racing )

    Not bad. Where are the rear attachment points? They’re not easy to see in the pics.
  14. AVGeek

    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    I have been volunteering for an OHV advocacy group since 2000, and now sit as the President of the Board of Directors. I'm not giving up without a fight!
  15. AVGeek

    Motorcycle Posters, Artwork, Events...

    I really like the charcoal works in the notebooks, really dynamic!
  16. AVGeek

    Looking for a Tech who know S10's

    My first thought was Tabasco (Jaxon) at RideOn ADV, but he's a bit further than your 300-400 mile range...
  17. AVGeek

    Can I handle a Yamaha Super Tenere? Or should I get a Honda NC 700x non-abs?

    Crap, I missed the links before...OP account is being taken care of now...
  18. AVGeek

    Changes for 2018 model?

    From the Yamaha website for the 2018 ST non-ES:
  19. AVGeek

    Gen1/2 Parts - Altrider, Saddlemen, Madstad, OEM

    Please be sure to post up ics of the items for sale. Let myself or Checkswrecks know if you need assistance! GLWS
  20. AVGeek

    2019 Tenere ?

    I like the two tone look, reminds me of a police bike...
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