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  1. gapmtn1

    When will Canada let me in?

    I would like to ride there again. Looks like the "no tourists until" date has been pushed back yet again, to June 21. Canadians, do you have any insight as to the thoughts or feelings about this? Need to make some travel decisions soon yet I don't have warm fuzzies about the June 21 date not...
  2. gapmtn1

    BDR Film Saw a bit of it last night. Free on demand beginning June 1.
  3. gapmtn1

    Sleeping bags?

    For tent camping, what are you folks sleeping in/on? I need to replace my all-purpose sleeping bag. I don't camp in anything below "cool" temps, don't need the tiniest backpacking bag, etc. Back in the day I often just slept on a Thermarest with my MC jacket over me. But I'm older now. My...
  4. gapmtn1

    SCAR (SC Adv Route) and/or Francis Macon NF ?

    Hey, all - Can anyone point me to some good write-ups of SCAR trip reports? The SCAR is so long, extensive, and diverse, would like to know more info by section. I can find good trip reports on, for example, MABDR by section but I'm failing on SCAR. I'm interested in Francis Macon NF...
  5. gapmtn1

    Hello from southwestern Virginia

    Hello, all! New member here from the Blacksburg, VA, area in southwestern Virginia. Recently purchased a Super Ten and have been studying the forum since. I’m about four years into my second iteration of riding, after being away for about ten years. When I stopped riding back then, there was...