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  1. StefanOnHisS10

    Airhawk Pillion seat

    Brand new Airhawk pillion seat. I bought this one for my wife, but it is to small to cover the aftermarket seat I’ve got on. I guess it fits the OEM pillion seat better. So I got a bigger one for my wife, now it’s fine. This one is used one time and in perfect condition. I paid €110 and am...
  2. StefanOnHisS10

    A32 Heerenveen-Steenwijk thv Texaco.

    Black (gen1??) S10 going from Heerenveen southbound. Anyone from here? We greeted and I was going North. Stefan.
  3. StefanOnHisS10

    Spotted on my way up to the Gerlospass in Austria, twice!

    Yesterday on the 20th of august I saw a Super Tenere going down in the morning (gen1) and around 5 in the afternoon another one going up near the little restaurant. Any members from here? I was 2 up.
  4. StefanOnHisS10

    French police on the Super Ténéré

    Just saw this video on the good ol’ interwebs. Apparently the French police or riot control or something are riding the S10. Hard life for the bike’s..
  5. StefanOnHisS10

    Valve stems, lesson learned…

    As some of you might have seen i was looking for different stems to mount when I change my tires next time. I posted my question in the “wanted” section. As a good habit I check my tire pressure every sunday evening, and walk around the bike to see what’s going on. Yesterday I saw there was...
  6. StefanOnHisS10

    Wanted: good quality rigid stems.

    Hey guys! I'm looking for premium quality rigid stems to mount when i change my tires next time. I want a 90 angle for the front and a short (i think) for the rear. I've been searching the forum about it but not found a definite answer yet. So what are you using (and for how long) and do you...
  7. StefanOnHisS10

    VRO Risico course (NL)

    This Wednesday I took the VRO Risico course which teaches you to scan situations for hazards and how to act on that. Has got a lot to do with where you ride in your lane. Found it eye opening en fun! Added bonus is that the €255 course is almost completely paid for by the government. Only €50...
  8. StefanOnHisS10

    @dutch members, goodies for sale!

    Currently on Marktplaats there is a guy selling a lot of goodies for the S10. Akra, altrider, powercommander etc. Under the names: Heus. Listed today! Stefan.
  9. StefanOnHisS10

    Suzuki DR800S BIG.

    The super tenere has got a temporary companion! As some of you know I buy and sell motorcycles (and other things) for my small company. It’s a bit of a hobby. Recently I bought a DR800 BIG and I’m starting to get attached too it. That bike is real fun to ride! 1 cilinder 800cc engine and a big...
  10. StefanOnHisS10

    Shame on the OEM skidplate welder.

    Hey guys! I’ve got a few days of from work and figured this would the moment for winter maintenance. All is going well, nothing special until now. While cleaning the parts that come off I noticed one weld on the OEM skidplate that isn’t welded at all, in fact the part is 50% loose. For the...
  11. StefanOnHisS10

    Any female members?

    I was wondering if there are any female members that ride the S10. I'm on this forum a while now and believe i haven't spoken with a female member yet. So i am asking are there any female members, or is it male only here ;) . I'll start: My wife does occasionally ride my bike but no more than...
  12. StefanOnHisS10


    Un-used clutch and break lever. Ordered them at aliexpress but I don’t like the quality. They look awesome but are wobbly. Lightly scratched (see photo) out of the box. Clutch doesn’t dis-engage due to the hole for the pin being drilled too deep. I can modifie all of this but I won’t. so you...
  13. StefanOnHisS10

    Advice needed about crash bars.

    Hey everyone! I am considering crash bars for my trusty companion. I've got the original ones that come with the worldcrosser package. They work well on a slow fall on flat surface, experience tought me that... But i am going more off road. Where i live that means dirt, sand and grass fields...
  14. StefanOnHisS10

    NL: Blue gen1 on A28 Netherlands.

    Spotted a blue Gen1 with yellow speedblocks on the A28 heading north-east. Today around 14:30. Any one from here? Wie o wie? Stefan.
  15. StefanOnHisS10

    EDIT: solved. Wanted: Touratech rear break pedal extension.

    Has anybody got an break pedal extension made by Touratech for a gen2 s10? And wants to sell and ship it to me (The Netherlands)? Shipping is paid by me offcourse. Touratech doesn’t sell it anymore. Thanks.
  16. StefanOnHisS10

    New forum Member, Yamaha driver since day 1.

    Hey everybody, i own and drive an S10 since 2017 (i've always had Yamaha's) but didn't sign up to a forum until today. It's an an 2016 XT1200ZE Worldcrosser (rally raid) with 30k kilometers on it now. Still going strong. I live in The Netherlands and use the bike for going to work, travel to...