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  1. gapmtn1

    When will Canada let me in?

    Uh, ok. I don't have that transcript, but don't recall attacking another member. Questioning their actions / motives, yes. But whatever; your forum, your rules. Good luck with it. All I wanted to know was if anyone had any insight into Canada's reopening plans.
  2. gapmtn1

    When will Canada let me in?

    Ha, now my content is getting deleted too. Like I'm the guy spewing political BS or misinformation.
  3. gapmtn1

    When will Canada let me in?

    Hi. Your Link (the .ca site) states: This would not apply, as I would be "visits, weddings, leisure, visit or upkeep of property, fishing, or other optional reasons". I think any reasonable person would say that my sightseeing motorcycle trip is neither essential nor non-optional. Pretty...
  4. gapmtn1

    Safety recall notice received - Front brake switch

    I didn't have faulty brakes, but I did observe my brake lights occasionally sticking on.
  5. gapmtn1

    Safety recall notice received - Front brake switch

    My cruise control started acting up a few weeks ago. Called my local dealer, gave them my VIN, and they ordered the part. Service manager was very nice on phone; he did warn that when he places the order that my VIN is marked as "recall done". He also said they'd have the part swapped out...
  6. gapmtn1

    When will Canada let me in?

    You are the one spreading disinformation. A motorcycle excursion would be leisure, not essential. And sadly it still is disallowed. Though you did earlier advocate for going around customs, so I'm not sure what your angle is.
  7. gapmtn1

    Radiator baffle removal

    I was in a similar situation this weekend; stuck on the interstate. It had me thinking... is it better to keep the engine running or not? Would uncirculating, unfanned 220*+ coolant drop in temp significantly? Or some other consequence? Would keeping the motor running result in better...
  8. gapmtn1

    Engine light when throttle let off

    @Tenereflyer I have long 90 degree pliers like these that really help for such...
  9. gapmtn1

    When will Canada let me in?

    Deep down I believe that, especially in a face to face setting. Just annoyed that a basic question started to go sideways. Sincere kudos to @Sierra1 for reining himself in. :)
  10. gapmtn1

    When will Canada let me in?

    Ah yes! I do recall that. I also recall the group acting like hoodlums "testing" an off duty LEO's laser gun in front of the motel. :)
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    When will Canada let me in?

    [Content removed by moderator - AVGeek] ....... You folks might have missed it, but this was posted in Canada / Regional and not the Lounge or Debate Room. I was asking about riding. @WJBertrand comments reminded me of what a great time I had at the two WeSTOCs that I was lucky enough to...
  12. gapmtn1

    When will Canada let me in?

    Agreed! This is why I want to go back! I've done two tours of the Maritimes and had a great time each time.
  13. gapmtn1

    When will Canada let me in?

    James G, thanks for relevant info. Makes it hard to plan, but that's the way it is.
  14. gapmtn1

    When will Canada let me in?

    I would like to ride there again. Looks like the "no tourists until" date has been pushed back yet again, to June 21. Canadians, do you have any insight as to the thoughts or feelings about this? Need to make some travel decisions soon yet I don't have warm fuzzies about the June 21 date not...
  15. gapmtn1

    Only get five gallons before empty

    In your statement you have described the very logical reason for the paranoia... since many of us had the old petcock / reserve setup in the past, it is easy to associate "blinking low fuel light" to "going on reserve" and thus needing to get gas in 10 miles. Or, the fuel isn't getting in there...
  16. gapmtn1

    Harley Pan American coming 2/21/2021

    What right do others have to enjoy a choice I made? If someone asks me about my bike I tell them to FO and to not even look at it. :p
  17. gapmtn1

    FOUND: Yamaha Super Tenere ES second generation

    Stumbled across this yesterday... not mine, no additional knowledge... I think if you are looking for a specific motorcycle (especially a lower production volume model), you can't be too adverse to...
  18. gapmtn1

    Have you dropped your Super Tenere? Damage?

    I disagree. It's technique. Check out some videos.. there is a 'backwards, butt against bike method', a 'push across not up method', etc. I had a low speed dump a few months ago. I'm 6' 4" and 175# so while I have some leverage I'm not exactly muscle bound. After instinctively trying to yank...
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    The anything thread.

    Wow, forty-one years ago today. Wikipedia,
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    tired of chit-chat?- post / view a picture only here.

    Romney cycles?