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    Tenere across the USA

    Sent you an e-mail, let me know when you're coming back through
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    Tenere across the USA

    Damn, you were 15 minutes from me! You still in the neighborhood?
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    Tenere across the USA

    Re: 49 States in 6 months on a Tenere. Come join me for a ride Problem solved! ::012::
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    Tenere across the USA

    Re: 49 States in 6 months on a Tenere. Come join me for a ride A route suggestion, take it as you will ;D Instead of just clipping the northwest corner of PA, make your way to the middle of the state and then head north into NY, or vice versa depending on which way you're going. Also have couch...
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    The Gift of Global Warming—December Riding

    Yepper, definitely took advantage! Went out with a couple buddy's and put 80 miles on the Tenere, got home and jumped on my son's wee strom and grabbed the wife with her EX500 for another 40 miles. Still had daylight left so took the FZ-09 out for a short rip, forgot how brutal the acceleration...
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    Pure, unadulterated joy on two wheels

    That was great!
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    Saw he was on ADV, and he thinks this forum"s bad? :o
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    Colorado (+ Wyoming/Utah/Idaho/Montana) the report

    Great vid! Just curious, were the colors visible in the San Juan's (Million Dollar), or too much snow cover?
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    Colorado...the preview

    Ya know if you wanted a new bike there are easier ways! Glad to hear you"re OK, had a close call with Bambi last weekend, glad for ABS!
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    Colorado...the preview

    Enjoy Jon! There were many times when I was out there 2 years ago that I would just pull off to the side of the road for a "whooooaaa" moment ???
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    Interstate highway travel is safer - So why do so many avoid them?

    East coast to Colorado? Trailer! find a place to park it out there via the forum. Did this for the Ouray rally and no regrets.
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    Sucking the oils out?

    2 12mm ID copper washers for the engine, 1 14mm ID aluminum for the rear end. Any auto parts store.
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    The Great 2015 Melt Down

    Grip,I think Franklin's going to be a good fit, especially if some people can let go of the past and move on. Back to our originally scheduled program. Dirt, we'll cross paths again one of these days!
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    The Great 2015 Melt Down

    Hey Grip! Dave's doing fine, still faster than s%^t! He's doing the MotoGiro this spring with another bud of mine on a "64 Honda 250. My son is doing very well, he's at Culinary Institute of America in NY. He will be doing his externship this summer at one of the top restaurants in Manhattan...
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    The Great 2015 Melt Down

    I'd like to, too much stuff going on with the kid in school, not to mention the riding budget is a little low! It'll be a last minute decision for me this year, some how I think that's the weekend he needs to be picked up and although his mom is SUPPOSED to do this trip you know how that goes!
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    The Great 2015 Melt Down

    Should have heard me whine while cleaning the 5 inches off the drive! Finally got rid of the salt around hear and what do I run into Thursday morning! Freaki'n BRINE! >:(
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    The Great 2015 Melt Down

    That would have been too funny :D Head nod hello, superman over tree!
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    size of copper washes

    If I recall correctly, 12mm for oil plugs and 14mm for the pumpkin. Those would be ID dimensions. I also seem to remember copper for the engine and aluminum for the diff.
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    Such winter bike doldrums...

    Two words : winter SUCKS :mad: