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    Helibar risers unlisting

  2. moto.monk

    Do companies ready think we are this stupid?

    with todays ad culture and its funny to think that an insurance companies thinks they are here to help us. They are part of the community, they are here to help us. Do they ready think we are this stupid? they think are our hard earned money is meant to be given away for something that MIGHT...
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    Todays reading

    My next book after I get done with viktor frankl.
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    T rex highway pegs-- SOLD

    item is sold thanks guys
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    Anyone make a recommendation for steering bearing tool

    I saw two on a thread, but the one in the us just refunded my money because there shut done. The other is from the eu and I dont want to wait. If anyone can recommend a install tool for wheel bearing as well, I ordered a remover. Also can anyone recommend alignment tool for the forks, I found...
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    Meet the distict manager of yamaha in los angeles

    So the first time getting service done at Bert's mega mall, CA. I mentioned to him about the issues I had with pasadena Yamaha and the owner and his son being racist and they comments they made last time I was there. It was super nice to have have someone listen to me and apologize for what...
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    Wanted: chicken nuggets

    Price:anything just looking for some them delicious gold brown bastards. Will pay extra for dipping sauce.
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    Well done daily riding after 5 years, 180k miles and 3 bikes.

    I think it's time for cager
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    Unmodifing the st this is controversial

    So for the longest I want a motorcycle where I had every mod. So i went and got the crash bars, bags both hard and soft, gps, lights, and other electronics I could find. When after spending a few thousand and living with some mods for a few months. I have found that it's a waste of money and in...
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    Just noticed something after being this forum for more then 1 year

    I cant thumps down something I can angry something. But does not convey the same thing as a thumps down. I will comment if my thread is edited by the powers that be
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    Odd tire wear issue

    So this is the second tire to do this on both sides. I had my suspension adjusted and new heavier rear spring installed all done by racetech. I called them and the tire is feathering and can be caused by wheel bearing, a final drive issue or low air pressure. I run my tires at 38 and have made...
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    ST handling thoughts

    Todays riding was a short 60 miles around Angeles crest highways with today riding feeling good. Might be my imagination but today I feel more in control and the bike mostly smooth in every way. So my question is what changed today? I had the same mods the last fews weeks. My new road attack 3...
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    Oem 2nd gen winglets SOLD!!!!

    Will only work on 2gen SOLD!!! They are spray painted to remove sun glare I take venmo or zelle only!! $50+ shipping
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    Tom tom 550 sealed new Sold!!!

    Nothing much to tell sealed new in box Sold matching bike lock is SOLD - $220 I only do zelle(chase) or venmo only!!!!
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    Today is my birthday

    What strange day to be alive, well I guess other generations will say that. But after 36 years I have noticed how much of a dumbass I was when I was "younger". Well now I have noticed how opportunities are limited, friends come and go, and yolo yes yolo. For those who dont know it means you only...
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    Time for me to talk about riding in baja CA and to mexico city. For those who dont know spanish this french for hello

    So a bit about im a army veteran 2010 and have been daily riding for the last 6 years. So so blah who gives a fuck and lets get to the story's So did a short ride to baja california after joining a meet up group in Nov of 2019. This popped my cherrie at least on a motorcycle. I have been to...
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    Bank fraud claims are frozen if you have one your sol

    Ordered a road attack 3 for the rear and it never came. So I contracted the seller off Ebay and they told me it's not my problem since they shipped it already and they also got offended when I said the word dude in the message and replied I'm not a man. After contacting Ebay they told me they...
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    Duel piaa light set up, with denali bracket, pmd 60 set up new lower price- SOOOOLDDDDDDD

    There are the car version of the piaa 530 so the switches are not waterproof. I did add some instant wire coating and after a few days of rain here in Los angeles I had zero issues. This has everything you need to mount my set up plus the pmd 60 which will allow to add, gps, aftermarket heated...
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    Post based on others groups not making on the cut

    So just left another Facebook group that was suppose to help veterans. What I have found that many of group serve to help themselves or to help the ideas of the person who help create the group. I have found after a few years of joins these groups that it sucks that you have to learn this the...
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    Health issues related to long term riding

    So I have ridden 180k miles over the last 6 years. First on a cb750 then a, 2008 zx6r, fz09 and finally a Yamaha super tenere which I just hit 50k after 15 months. What I have noticed is that I recover much faster as a younger man and now as 36 year not so much. After being in the service and...